Etheric Body (1) Auric Flower Essence

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Hawthorn Flower Essence

Closest to the physical and most dense in nature, the etheric body extends less than 2 inches outside of the physical body.  Many people are able to perceive this part of our subtle anatomy, especially if you look at someone against a plain white wall.

The etheric is not only situated in the same place as the physical but resembles it in every way. Any dis-ease within the physical body will be present in the etheric and will have been present in the etheric before reaching the physical.

Hawthorn and Peach are two flower remedies that impact exclusively on the etheric body.

Many physical conditions can be treated at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels with flower remedies.  If in our attempt to correct dysfunctional energies at these levels, our hope is not only to bring relief to mental, emotional and spiritual suffering but provide the right conditions in the subtle bodies to effect change on the physical, then Hawthorn and Peach should be considered. The two essences are used in conjunction to stimulate and balance the etheric body as stimulation of the energy at this level is more difficult because of its dense nature.

Dosage: 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times daily.

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