Bereavement: Flower and Seed Essences

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


Eucalyptus supports our natural desire to heal the wounds caused by traumatic separations.

Oregano Hawthorn and Lunar Hedge Garlic help us let go and fully release the deepest of grief we experience at these times.

Toadflax and Forget-me-Not for loneliness, when we miss those we love. Makes us more conscious of the eternal bond of love so we feel the warmth, closeness and support of those we miss so badly.

Oleander keeps us open to the continual outpouring of love, light and truth. Prevents us becoming cynical or soured by our own painful experiences.

Crimson Pea assists our soul through the turbulence created by profound change. For our personal transformation as we move forward into a new phase of life. Helps us perceive the gifts buried at the center of our own suffering.

Nigella Seed Essence. Seeds are strongly connected to the death and burial aspect of the life cycle as well as rebirth.  This seed essence assists our soul through the underworld of mourning and out the other side where life is embraced once more.

Dose: 4 drops on tongue, 4 times daily.

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