Eucalyptus flower essence / remedy Eucalyptus globulus

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


This essence is indicated when there ia a lack of confidence in a person's spiritual abilities or powers. Often this will be accompanied by considerable confusion about spiritual matters. Eucalyptus flower essence can benefit those whose inner guidance is weak and consequently are easily and overly influenced by others. Such folk may be too eager to relinquish their power and autonomy to more dominant, wiser or more experienced personalities. they are apt to go in for hero worship or desire to be like someone else they admire. Eucalytus folk often display anxiety over their ability to perform and succeed.  Their own aims and objectives are easily diverted by the influence of others

Key words: lack of confidence, weak inner guidance, anxiety arising out of self doubt

Eucalytus is also available as a flower oil.

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