Anti Stress: Flower and Seed Essence Combination to Slow us Down and Relax

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


Although there are many and varied reasons we get stressed out, the underlying causes of stress can be summarised in half a dozen or so ‘frailties of the human condition’:

fear, disorientation, lack of confidence and self-worth, lack of acceptance, narrowing perspective on life, inability to let go and relax.

AntiStress is formulated for these conditions and can be used for any type of stress, long or shot-term.

The flower remedies in this combination are:

garlic eucalyptus and hibiscus for fear; morning glory and christ thorn for disorientation and greater stability and mental clarity; sage, sunflower, euphorbia and carduus thistle for more confidence, self worth and nurture; margarita for greater acceptance; mignonette to help us gain a wider perspective; oregano to help us relax and let go.

Thyme, borage and dandelion have also been added to help us deal the pressures of time and long-term pressures on the body. The seed essence in this combination is:

Red clover seed essence helps us calm down and relax

Dose: 4 drops on tongue, 4 times daily.

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