Christ Thorn Flower Essence / Remedy Pallenis spinosa

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Christ Thorn flower essence has a very strong protective quality. This is shown in the plant by the thorny sepals and tough leaves and stem. For this reason Christ Thorn can be used when we are being over-whelmed by outside stimuli and need to close down. Christ Thorn also has a very strong centering energy to impart to us which means that we can benefit from this remedy when we need to be brought back to our own centre. It makes us feel more comfortable with being alone. Physical Indicators : weak thymus gland.

Key Words: being centred, feeling protected.

We use this remedy to stimulate the High Heart Chakra. Christ Thorn is added to our "Immune"and "Spirit/Earth Alignment" flower essence combinations.

Christ Thorn is also available as a flower oil.

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