Protection: Flower, Seed and Environmental Essence Combination

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


The  flower remedies in this combination are:

Lloydia  a miniature white Lilly which has a powerful influence upon the chakra directly above the head (soul star). One of the functions of this chakra is to screen all that enters our personal energy system. If we find we are being invaded by pollutants this essence will stimulate our filters, making them more active and efficient

Borganvillia stimulates the earth star, the chakra beneath the feet. The earth star connects us to the earth, not only to ground us properly but to draw the strength and protection of the earth into our aura.

Christ thorn. This common Mediterranean flower has thorny sepals to protect it against attack; this quality is transferred to the essence. Christ thorn activates the chakra midway between the soul and earth stars, the high heart which stimulates our natural ability to defend ourselves against external influences.

Yarrow strengthens our aura to block the influences of radioactivity, electromagnetc and negative thought forms which may be projected, consciously or unconsciously, towards us. It prevents us becoming too empathetic with the pain and suffering of others.

Pennyroyal This essence not only acts as a repellant of negative thought forms but has the ability to cleanse the aura should they penetrate our defences. When we fail to look after ourselves properly holes frequently appear in our aura; pennyroyal repairs these energetic wounds through which negative energies can enter our being.

Blackthorn has strong protective qualities within the aura. Especially good for warding off dark, negative or evil energies.

Seed Essences of Purple Loosestrife and Sweet Ciceley are used. Seeds have a hard, protective shell.  This quality to transferred to the essences.

Cup and Ring is an environmental essence that deflects the geopathic stress of negative earth energies, sometimes referred to as black streams. Such energies can disrupt our natural rhythms and lead to dis-ease.

Dose: 4 drops on tongue, 4 times daily.

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