Christ Thorn Spray : Anti stress

£ 7.50 each Weight: 120 g


A combination of 4 flower essences, Christ Thorn , Bluebell, Dandelion and Thyme with the essential oil of Chamomile. Spray above your head and into your aura.

Suggested uses:

•  For getting out of the fast lane.

•  When there is a need to stop.

•  To bring us back to our centre.

•  After being around a lot of people.

•  After rushing around.

•  To foster a greater sense of inner space.

•  To attain greater relaxation during meditation.

The action of these restoratives is to bring calmness and clarity to all levels of our being, from the physical to the spiritual. When this spray is used on a regular basis the pressures of time diminish and we feel less fraught by the limitations of the clock

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