Jerusalem Sage Flower Essence / Remedy Phlomis fruticosa

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


The flower essence of Jerusalem sage aligns us to the harmonies of the natural world. Use when we want to become more synchronised to the rhythms of the natural world. Useful to take when we feel at odds with the world, disharmonious, unbalanced or unfriendly. Jerusalem sage can be used when we experience conflicts between home and work, which results in depression within the home environment. This essence is beneficial when there is a lack of enthusiasm and neglect of domestic life. Often Jerusalem sage is indicated when there is a desire to escape domestic duties and a lack of commitment to the family is displayed.   

We use this essence to stimulate the Spiritual Body in our Auric Flower Essences

Jersualem Sage is also available as a flower oil.

We use this flower oil in our "7 Chakra Massage Oil" to stimulate the throat chakra.

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