Walk in Confidence: Flower and Seed Essence Combination for Social Anxiety / Phobia

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In public places, such as work, meetings, or shopping, people with social anxiety feel that everyone is watching, staring, and judging them (even though rationally they know this isn't true). For this type of vulnerability we use the flower remedies of Lloydia, Christ Thorn, Bougainvillea and Blackthorn.

The socially anxious person can't relax, "take it easy", and enjoy themselves in public. In fact, they can never fully relax when other people are around. It always feels like others are evaluating them, being critical of them, or "judging" them in some way. For this type of lack of self-confidence we use the flower remedies of Carduus Thistle, Larch, Sage and Sunflower.

For the self-consciousness produced by social anxiety we use Hibiscus flower remedy. The socially anxious person contributes very little to social situations because of their fear and level of stress yet if truth be know they have a great deal to offer. For this particular type of shyness we use Mignonette .

It's sometimes impossible to let go, relax, and focus on anything else except the anxiety and fear. Because the anxiety is so very painful, it's much easier just to stay away from social situations and avoid other people altogether. For this state of mind we use Rock Rose to manage the feeling of panic, Garlic for the fear and Oregano to help let go of the anxiety.

Seed essences, make us more aware of our Inner Seed, the part of us that contains are true and full potential.  Speedwell and Vine seed essences put us more in touch with this aspect of our being.
How to work with these flower and seed essences

These 14 flower remedies and two seed essences are combined into a single bottle Walk in Confidence and taken regularly, 4 drops, 4 times daily. They can also be taken more frequently if required. Flower remedies should be used as part of a management program for the anxiety. The regular taking of the remedies affirms the desire to improve, get better, take positive steps forward.

Since they can do no harm, the remedies can be used more frequently, for example just before going out and even whilst in situations that provoke the anxiety. Holding the bottle at times of stress is an excellent way of staying close to the qualities of the flower remedies.

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