Borganvillaea Flower Remedy / Essence

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Bougainvillea is a remedy of great strength, durability and resolve. It prevents us faltering and wavering from what we know to be the right or true path. Use when a decision has been made and needs to be adhered to, particularly when the going gets tough. Borganvillea increases our ability to remain committed. It is an excellent remedy for the faint-hearted.Physical Indicators : long-term or chronic conditions.

We use Borganvillea to stimulate, strengthen and unblock the Earth Star Chakra, it is included in our Extended Chakra Set.

It is included in several of our flower essence combinations.

Borganvillea is also available as a flower oil for use in deep tissue massage. Borganvillea flower oil is part of our "Flexibility" massage oil.  

Key Words: commitment, resolve, strengthening connection.

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