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April/May 2013

In 'The Medical Discoveries of Dr. Bach', the biographer of Bach, Nora Weeks, tells not of 12 Healers, the first mini set of Bach flower remedies, but thirteen.  For some reason, not specified, Bach did not include Milk thistle into the original repertory of 12. I imagine this is a common phenomena for flower essence producers: certainly with the flower remedies I have created there are various reasons why a number of remedies have not made it into the repertory .  I wonder if Bach had lived longer he would have revisited the Milk Thistle and found a way of allowing it to express its healing through his remedies? 

One remedy I have revisited is Helios.  It was not originally included in the repertory because I was unable to identify it botanically.  It is a small yelow/orange composite (daisy like) of which there are many and it was not listed in any of the Mediterranean wild flower books of the time.  The name is a local name given to many similar flowers. Recently it came into my very strongly into my mind when speaking to someone with chronic pain I have been treating with flower essences for a number of years. 

After sending the remedy and receiving positive feedback, I was asked for a full description of the essence.  Unable to find the original description I had to rewrite it some 14 years after its making. This was not a difficult thing to do as at the time the flower had made a powerful impression on me, one I can easily recall.  This made me realise that all the remedies I make leave a deep and memorable impression on me.  These impressions actually form part of the 'conscious intent' that happens when I prepare the remedies, but that is going off at a tangent.


Helios is a composite flower (of the daisy family) that grows in the Mediterranean region. It's name comes from the fact that it is yellow and resembles the Sun.

Helios can be used by those who feel outside of society, alone, isolated and cut off. It may be that their isolation is self-imposed, not wishing to be part of society, shunning friendships because they do not feel sufficient empathy with others. Perhaps they have come from a different culture or had very different types of experiences that put them apart from the mainstream of beliefs and opinions.

It may be that their isolation has arisen because their work/activity takes them away from contact with fellow humans. Their work/responsibilities may leave them feeling isolated, unable to share their most important and intimate thoughts and feelings with others because they are not allowed to or unable to trust others with their secrets.

Often souls who have been on a great adventure (inner or outer) and experienced life on the very edge of life feel dislocated and at odds with the safe and cosy world the vast majority of us occupy. Those of us who have been ill, perhaps for a long period of time and have lost contact with old friends and haunts may also feel this way. Illness, like a major adventure, can be a transforming experience forcing us out of a familiar world into an alien reality with a totally different value system.

Powerful experiences, self-imposed or otherwise, cause us to grow and mature on many levels of being. When we return to a 'normal' life it can seem false and shallow, unable to satisfy our deeper needs. We can feel more important, superior and aloof from the old self and its ways.

When the opportunity to return to the old world arises it can be very difficult because major life changes have occurred whilst in other realms. Helios is the remedy to use to help us integrate these different realities, make us feel more part of society but bring the important knowledge gained from experiences elsewhere.

helios flower essence
£ 6.50 each Helios Flower Essence / Remedy

Helios is a flower which grows in the Mediterranean. It is a small yellow composite. Helios is the remedy for those who feel excluded from society. Such folk have much to offer, yet are unable to contribute fully or with enough satisfaction. Their pain lies in their inability to find a meaningful way of contributing their skills. This essence alleviates the sense of social exclusion and isolation.

Read full description of Helios. 

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I supose the bit I find puzzling about this old - half forgotten remedy re-emerging is why it has taken so long for this flower remedy to reach the light of day.  It is such a very useful remedy.


Workshops seem to be back on the list of things to do.  Over the past couple of years a combination of recession and me not being very good at publicity (can't do everything) has meant that the workshops have not had enough participants to run.  I've had to cancell and those who had booked have been disappointed.  Now the courses are being offered without any fixed dates. If you are interested in attending any, let us know, we'll put you on a list and when we have enough to make it viable (we only need 3 or 4) we'll suggest 3 possible weekends and hopefully it will all fall into place.

Karmic Healing Workshop

We all possess deep wounds within our soul, carried across from previous lives. These wounds help shape considerably our personality and fate.  However, events of previous lives that created these dysfunctional patterns are not remembered on a  conscious, or in many cases, subconscious level.  Could a recollection of past life actions, mistakes or trauma help us to understand better the foundations upon which our current life is formed?

This workshop combines teachings from the Ancient Wisdom, Astrology and the Moon Flowers to open your perception to your past lives and the karma that has been carried through to the present incarnation.

Coping with Saturn through Astrology and Flower Remedies

The astrological influence of Saturn, Lord of Time, is profound, from the moment of our birth to the time of our death. Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions. It governs the winter months of cold and contraction. In our lives we so often experience Saturn as hardship and pain. Saturn exposes the harsh realities and limitations of our lives. Saturn defines the boundaries we have to live within , some we feel safe and comfortable with and some we fight against.

In small, intimate groups and with the aid of our own individual horoscopes, we will explore the impact of Saturn upon our past, present and future and look at ways of working constructively and positively with this astrological archetype. Along with applying the wisdom and insight astrology offers, we shall also connect with and use the flower remedies that resonate particularly strongly with the difficult issues Saturn brings into our lives.

This workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to understand themselves better. The understanding this workshop gives can also be used to assist others when they encounter the influence of Saturn in their lives. No prior knowledge of astrology is required.

Healing the Light Body

This workshop integrates three different sets of our flower essences into simple healing routines to cleanse and stimulate the light body or aura.

During the weekend we will explore the theory of the chakra system and the flower essences we use to bring healing to these organs of our subtle anatomy. You will learn how to diagnose weak and blocked chakras and how to administer the essences for best results. We will be working with the 7 major chakra and the extended chakra system. We will also explore the theory of the meridians and learn how to discern the unbalanced flow of Ki through these energetic channels. You will be able to work with the 5 Element Flower Essences to bring healing to this aspect of the subtle anatomy. We will also explore the energy of the various layers of the aura and use flower essences to bring greater awareness and healing to these areas. The weekend is a well-balanced combination of theory and practice, and intellectual and intuitive working.

It is suitable for professional and lay healers. The essences will be available to freely work with over the weekend and can be purchased at our discounted student rate. Comprehensive handouts covering all aspects of the work will be given out.

Seed Essences

We produce a set of 50 seed essences.  These are made in the same way as flower remedies but from the seeds rather than the flowers of the plants.  

Seed essences are powerful new vibrational essences that are very simple to use and have many uses which are highly relevant to the issues we face at present.  To put it in a nutshell, seed essences connect us more fully to our Inner Seed. During the weekend we will examine our own Inner Seed.

In this workshop you will have an opportunity to experience personally the power of the seed essences and learn how to prescribe them for others.  We will explore the symbolism of seeds and how this influences our own being.


Special Offer on Seed Essences

Lastly I want to mention that there are special offers on the seed essences on our website.  the complete set is 50 but we have split them down into smaller sets of 10 or 20 bottles to make it less expensive for those of you who are interested in working with these new essences.

£ 175.00 each Full Set of Seed Essences

Aquarius Seed Essences

Full Set of 50 x 10 ml bottles in sturdy card boxes

SEED ESSENCES are powerful new vibrational essences from nature made by Aquarius  Flower Remedies.  Visit our website for full information regarding these essences and the 300 different vibrational products we produce.

SEED ESSENCES are made in exactly the same way as flower remedies but with the seeds of the plant instead of the flowers.  Each Seed Essence has one or more Key Qualities.  They can be used by themselves or combined with any flower remedy . Available in the usual 10 ml dropper bottles.  Use as you would any flower essence.  The standard dose is 4 drops, four times daily.

Seed Essences

1  Aquilegia Seed Essence    Key Quality  Stillness

Like seeds we too need to lay still.  Use Aquilegia Seed Essence when we want a greater degree of stillness in our lives.  Aligns with Group 3.

2  Ash Seed Essence   Key Quality Creativity

Seeds are storage vessels of powerful creative forces.  Use Ash Seed Essence to connect with this quality within ourselves.  Aligns with Group 6.

3  Blackberry Seed Essence    Key Quality Aspiration

Blackthorn Seed Essence increases courage so we can better aspire through our endeavours.  Aligns with Group 6.

4  Bugloss Seed Essence  Key Quality  Resilience

Use Bugloss Seed Essence when we want to become more resilient to what life brings our way.  Aligns with Group 1.

5  Buttercup Seed Essence  Key Quality  Respect

The key quality of Buttercup Seed Essence arises out of knowledge and understanding.  Aligns with Group 2.

6  Carob Seed Essence  Key Qualities Maturing,  Growth

Carob Seed Essence aids in the process of turning our knowledge and experience into maturity.  Use Carob Seed Essence to help in the process of any type of growth.  Aligns with Group 2 and Group 6.

7  Chilli Seed Essence  Key Quality  Clarity

Chilli Seed Essence brings purity of thought.  Aligns with Group 6.

8  Dandelion Seed Essence  Key Quality Cosmic Seed

Dandelion Seed Essence brings our awareness to our connection with the cosmos within, our own star seed.  Aligns with Group 7.

9  Dock Seed Essence  Key Quality Birth

Dock Seed Essence aids in the process of birth, be that physical or metaphorial.  Aligns  with Group 5.

10  Enchanter's Nightshade Seed Essence  Key Quality  Darkness

Use Enchanter's Nightshade Seed Essence when we are in the darkness.  Aligns with Group 4.

11  Euphorbia Seed Essence  Key Qualities Fear, Inspiration

Euphorbia Seed Essence puts in touch with the earth so we can become more rational about our fears. Euphorbia Seed Essence puts us in touch with our creativity so we can feel more inspired.  Aligns with Groups 4 and 6.

12  Fig Seed Essence  Key Qualities Value, Recovery/Convalescence, Alchemy/Magic

Fig Seed Essence helps us better understand and appreciate what is of true value.  Fig Seed Essence is an excellent essence to use during convalescence because it slows us down and takes us inside to the place where our recovery begins.  Fig Seed Essence works in the mystical darkness, creating alchemy and magic.  Aligns with Groups 2, 3 and 4.

13  Foxglove Seed Essence   Key Qualities Wisdom, Hope, Expectancy

Foxglove Seed Essence puts us more in touch with our accumulated knowledge and experience, drawing the wisdom out of our being.  Use Foxglove Seed Essence to foster a greater sense of hope and expectancy, like that of the seed waiting to germinate.  Aligns with Groups 2 and 4 .

14  Fumatory Seed Essence Key Qualities  Letting go, Independence

Fumatory Seed Essence helps in the process of release, just like the seed that has left the mother plant.  Fumatory also helps us develop a greater degree of indepenence.  Aligns with Group 3

15  Goat's Beard Seed Essence  Key Quality  Adjustment

Use Goat's Beard Seed Essence for any type of adjustment or coming to terms.  Aligns with Group 5.

16  Goose Grass Seed Essence  Key Qualities Protection, Expectancy, Direction

Seeds are well protected, use Goose Grass Seed Essence to enhance our ability to self-protect.  Goose Grass Seed Essence brings balance to situations where expectancy is either too high or too low.  Goose Grass Seed Essence helps us to see with greater confidence and clarity our future direction.  Aligns with Groups 1, 4 and 6.

17  Gorse Seed Essence   Key Quality  Vigour

Use Gorse Seed Essence in any situation that requires a greater degree of dynamism or vigour.  Aligns with Group 5.

18  Groundsel Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Maturity, Growth

Groundsel Seed Essence is an excellent remedy to take when mature in years. Use Groundsel Seed Essence to strengthen any type of growth.  Aligns with Groups 5 and 6.

19  Holly Seed Essence  Key Qualities Defence, Inheritance

Holly Seed Essence is for self defense, it strengthens the outer layers of the aura.   Holly Seed Essence puts us in touch with all that has made us who we are.  Aligns with Groups 1 and 2.

20  Honesty Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Security, Relaxation, Trust, Cosmic Seed

Honesty Seed Essence is highly versatile in its uses.  Honesty Seed Essence is used to increase our sense of personal security to help make us feel safer.  Honesty Seed Essence is an excellent remedy to slow us down so we can better relax. Use Honesty Seed Essence if we want to increase our ability to trust. Honesty Seed Essence is one of the three cosmic seeds in the set of 50 seed essences, putting us in touch with the cosmic seed we carry within our being.  Aligns with Groups 1, 3, 5 and 7.

21  Ivy Seed Essence  Key Quality Freshness

Ivy Seed Essence reminds our inner seed of the process of sprouting.  Aligns with Group 5.

22  Ivy-leafed Toadflax Seed Essence  Key Qualities Realisation, Nurture

Ivy-leafed Toadflax Seed Essence increases confidence in our wisdom.  Ivy-leafed Toadflax Seed Essence brings awareness to the care and attention we give when we nurture.  Aligns with Groups 2 and 5.

23  Jerusalem Sage Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Fulfillment, Invention

Jerusalem Sage Seed Essence increases our sense of wholeness and completeness.  Jerusalem Sage Seed Essence connects us to our inner seed in order to allow our hidden creativity to emerge.   Jerusalem Sage Seed Essence aligns with Groups 3 and 4.

24  Laurel Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Ancestoral Blessing

Laurel Seed Essence connects us to the blessings that emanate down to us from our ancestors.  Laurel Seed Essence aligns with Group 2.

25  Mallow Seed Essence  Key Qualities   Endurance, Disconnect

Mallow seed essence helps us endure when the going gets tough.  Mallow seed essence helps us disconnect from any form of activity in order that we can slow down.  Mallow Seed Essence aligns with Groups 1 and 3.

26  Marigold-pot  Key Qualities   Memory, Insemination

Marigold Seed Essence improves our memory.  Use Marigold Seed Essence to foster a long term perspective on our plans and aspirations.  Marigold Seed Essence aligns with Groups 2 and 4.

27  Mexican Fleabane Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Change, Expansiveness, Naivety

Mexican Fleabane Seed Essence assists in the process of change.  Mexican Fleabane Seed Essence helps us expand on all levels of our being.  Mexican Fleabane Seed Essence reduces our levels of cynicism and world-weariness.  Aligns with Groups 4, 5 and 6.

28  Mullein Seed Essence  Key Quality   Belief

Mullein Seed Essence increases the quality of belief within us, be that self-belief or a belief in something lying outside of us.  Mullein Seed Essence aligns with Group 6.

29  Nigella Seed Essence  Key Quality Agitations

Nigella Seed Essence calms agitations on all levels of our being.  Aligns with Group 3.

30  Oat Seed Essence   Key Quality  Panic

Oat Seed Essence can be used to calm, especially any sense of panic.  Aligns with Group 3.

31  Parichka Seed Essence  Key Quality  Youthfulness

Use Parichka Seed Essence when we want to feel younger on all levels of being.  Parichka Seed Essence aligns with Group 5.

32  Poppy Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Strength, Meaning

Poppy Seed Essence is a strengthener on all levels of being.  Poppy Seed Essence can be used to give greater meaning to life, enhance our sense of purpose.  Poppy Seed Essence aligns with Groups 5 and 6.

33  Purple Loosestrife Seed Essence   Key Quality Hidden

Purple Loosestrife Seed Essence helps us to remain undetected, off the radar.  Use Purple Loosestrife Seed Essence if the glare of publicity is too intense.  Aligns with Group 4.

34  Red Campion Seed Essence   Key Quality Stature

Red Campion Seed Essence increases our own sense of stature.  Aligns with Group 6.

35  Red Clover Seed Essence   Key Quality Patient Planting

Red Clover Seed Essence increases our awareness that we are continually spreading our seeds through our work/service.    Use Red Clover Seed Essence when we are working but seeing no immediate results or returns.   Aligns with Group 4.

36  Red Valerian Seed Essence   Key Qualities  Safety, Learning the Lessons

Red Valerian Seed Essence has a protective quality, increasing our sense of personal safety.  This seed essence connects us to our inner knowing.    Aligns with Groups 1 and 2 . 

37  Rose Seed Essence   Key Quality Conviction

Rose Seed Essence is used to bring a greater sense of confidence, specifically the quality of conviction, when we waver from our chosen course.  Aligns with Group 5.

38  Rosemary Seed Essence   Key Quality Persistence

Rosemary Seed Essence fosters a greater sense of persistence.  Aligns with Group 1.

39  Scabious Seed Essence   Key Quality Unknowing

Use Scabious Seed Essence when we need to accept that we do not know and that being left in the dark does not have to be a fearful or dis-empowering experience.  Aligns with Group 4 .

40  Scarlet Pimpernel Seed Essence   Key Qualities Slowing Down, New Beginnings

Use Scarlet Pimpernel Seed Essence when there is a need to slow down, reduce the pace of life.  Scarlet Pimpernel Seed Essence resonates with the beginning of a new phase in life, the birth of a new project, etc.  the other use of this seed essence is to calm and centre when we are exposed to fresh impulses.  Aligns with Groups 3 and 5.

41  Shepherd's Purse Seed Essence   Key Quality Complexity

Shepherd's Purse Seed Essence can be used when we have to deal with many different competing factors.  It helps us stay centred, pure and simple.  Aligns with Group 6.

42  Sow Thistle Seed Essence   Key Qualities Rest and Recuperation

Sow Thistle Seed Essence helps us to regain our strength and vitality during periods of Rest and Recuperation.  Aligns with Group 3.

43  Spear Thistle Seed Essence   Key Quality Rejuvenation

Spear Thistle Seed Essence can be used to uplift us, reconnect us to your font of eternal youth.  Aligns with Group 5.

44  Sunflower Seed Essence   Key Qualities Accessing the Past, Sleep

Sunflower Seed Essence can be used when we want to delve deeper into our memories.   Use Sunflower Seed Essenceaid to aid sleep.  Aligns with Groups 2 and 3.

45  Sweet Cicely Seed Essence   Key Qualities Transformation, Creativity

Sweet Cicely Seed Essence has transformative powers we can utilise to bring about major changes in our lives.  Use Sweet Cicely Seed Essence to increase our creativity.  Aligns with Groups 4 and 6.

46  Tobacco-wild Seed Essence   Key Qualities Transition, Promise

Wild Tobacco Seed Essence has two distictive qualities.   Wild Tobacco Seed Essence is a seed essence to help us through the process of transition.  Use Wild Tobacco Seed Essence when we need to be reminded of the potential and promise that lies in the future.  aligns with Groups 4 and 6.

47  Vine Seed Essence   Key Qualities Confidence, Development

Vine Seed Essence increases self-confidence.  Use Vine Seed Essence for any form of self-development.   Aligns with Groups 5 and 6.

48  White Clover Seed Essence   Key Qualities Calmness, Death, Expression

Use White Clover Seed Essence to bring calmness to any excited or irritable situation.  White Clover Seed Essence is an excellent essence to use around the death of loved ones or the death of something else dear to the heart.  Use White Clover Seed Essence to help us express ourselves better.  aligns with Groups 3, 4, and 6.

49  Willowherb-pale Seed Essence   Key Qualities Fertility,  Destiny

Seeds respond to the right growing conditions.  Use Willowherb Seed Essence to create the fertile conditions that will allow the inner seed to grow.  Each seed knows its own destiny.  Use Willowherb Seed Essence to help increase the sense of our true destiny.  Aligns with Groups 5 and 6.

50  Wood Aven Seed Essence   Key Qualities Patience, Salvation, Purposeful, Cosmic Seed

Use Wood Aven Seed Essence when we become impatient.  Wood Aven Seed Essence brings long awaited light into the darkness.  Wood Aven Seed Essence can be used to instill purpose to our actions.  Wood Aven Seed Essence puts us in touch with the cosmic seed that lies within and without us.  Wood Aven Seed Essence stands out as an all round remedy with many qualities.  aligns with Groups 1, 4, 6 and 7.

The Therapeutic Uses of Seed Essences have been classified under seven headings, based on the different aspects and symbolism of the seed.

Group 1- The Hard Shell

The seed has a hard shell, protecting it from the outside. Seed essences can be used for the emotional, mental and spiritual issues associated with this quality. In the repertory this translates as:

Endurance, persistence, resilience, patience

Not bending or caving in under pressure

Increasing our ability to self-protect

Feeling safe and secure

Maintaining our privacy

Any fear emanating from the outside world

The calming of any form of panic

Group 2 - Storing the Knowledge

The therapeutic uses categorised in this group arise from the seed being a vessel of information. It develops at the end of the growth cycle and contains all the information and knowledge needed to create a new life in the same form. Harvest. Within the seed essence repertory this quality is expressed  as:

Reconnecting to and strengthening the protective blessing that comes down to us from our ancestors

Unblocking of the past

Connecting us to the records of wisdom

When we fail and have to do the same again

The learning of lessons

Growth and maturity


Reaping what we sow

Group 3 - Quiet and Still

The seed appears at the end of the growth cycle.  All the energy and activity has died away, leaving the seeds to ripen on the stem and ultimately to lie dormant in the Good Earth

Helping us to slow down and take a break

The calming of agitations on all levels of being


Rest recuperation and recovery

Group 4 - Burial and Resurrection

The seed has the desire to fall to the Good Earth and bury itself: the end of the cycle of life is reached.  Transformation is about to occur.

Fear of the dark and unknown

Assisting us in periods of transition and transformation when aspects of our being die or peel away in order to give new life the potential to emerge

The dark night of the soul

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel

Going through radical change

Reinventing ourselves

Group 5 - Germination

Reconnecting us to the font of eternal youth

Making us feel younger

Rejuvenation on all levels of being

Starting out afresh

Butterflies and nerves that proceed an event

Journeying into the unknown

Group 6 - Growth Potential and Purpose

The seed knows its purpose in life.  In the repertory this translates as:

Putting us more in touch with our life's purpose

Being true to ourselves

Greater clarity in our life

Greater meaning to our existence

Helping us engage more fully with our destiny

Enabling us to fulfil our true potential

Staying focussed and committed even when there appears to be little or no success or movement forward

Greater self-confidence

Greater self-belief

Improving creativity

More confident self-expression


Group 7   The Cosmic Seed

The Cosmos has seeded the Earth.  Everything on this planet, including Gaia herself, has grown from the seeding from Cosmic Dust.  A part of us each one of us resonates with the Cosmic Seed.  Our own inner seed is a core part of our spiritual nature.

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