helios flower essence

Helios is a composite flower (of the daisy family) that grows in the Mediterranean region. It's name comes from the fact that it is yellow and resembles the Sun.

Helios can be used by those who feel outside of society, alone, isolated and cut off. It may be that their isolation is self-imposed, not wishing to be part of society, shunning friendships because they do not feel sufficient empathy with others. Perhaps they have come from a different culture or had very different types of experiences that put them apart from the mainstream of beliefs and opinions.

It may be that their isolation has arisen because their work/activity takes them away from contact with fellow humans. Their work/responsibilities may leave them feeling isolated, unable to share their most important and intimate thoughts and feelings with others because they are not allowed to or unable to trust others with their secrets.

Often souls who have been on a great adventure (inner or outer) and experienced life on the very edge of life feel dislocated and at odds with the safe and cosy world the vast majority of us occupy. Those of us who have been ill, perhaps for a long period of time and have lost contact with old friends and haunts may also feel this way. Illness, like a major adventure, can be a transforming experience forcing us out of a familiar world into an alien reality with a totally different value system.

Powerful experiences, self-imposed or otherwise, cause us to grow and mature on many levels of being. When we return to a 'normal' life it can seem false and shallow, unable to satisfy our deeper needs. We can feel more important, superior and aloof from the old self and its ways.

When the opportunity to return to the old world arises it can be very difficult because major life changes have occurred whilst in other realms. Helios is the remedy to use to help us integrate these different realities, make us feel more part of society but bring the important knowledge gained from experiences elsewhere.

Helios resonates with the archetype of Chiron and can be used to stimulate our inner Chiron.

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