Acacia flower remedy helps us wake up at the dawning of the new day. Acacia is useful when we find little of interest or no excitement ahead of us.  Consider using Acacia flower essence when there is depression, weariness, monotony, tediousness, boredom or apathy.

It dispels the dark clouds of mental negativity that prevent us from being aware and thankful of the blessings that are continually pouring down upon us.



Sunflower remedy speaks to our Inner Sun, making us more sun-like, awakening our love, light truth and warmth.

christ thorn

Christ Thorn

Christ Thorn stimulates the high heart chakra, the good heart, our centre of unconditional love.  It is in this chakra that the higher vibrations or spiritual aspects of love are contained.



Angelica flower essence allows us to feel a greater degree of protection, guidance and love from the angelic kingdom. It is an excellent remedy to use when attempting to connect with the angelic kingdoms or meditating with the angels. Its protective quality means that it is particularly useful at major life passages, when we are likely to find ourselves in a state of crisis.  Angelic has a bonding quality that can tie together many diverse aspects of the personality.



Garlic flower essence is used to alleviate fear. It achieves this by easing fear and crystallising objectivity into the mental and emotional bodies. Garlic is an excellent remedy for stage fright or similar emotions bordering on intense fear or panic. As in the mythology of this plant, there is a strong protective quality about garlic flower essence and it can be used when we are feeling fearful about dark or evil forces. Garlic flower essence is also useful for periods of low vitality when there is openness to disease and attack on all levels.  Garlic is also a very good remedy for anger, including the intense anger associated with rage.



Bougainvillea is a remedy of great strength, durability and resolve. It prevents us faltering and wavering from what we know to be the right or true path. Use when a decision has been made and needs to be adhered to, particularly when the going gets tough. Bougainvillea increases our ability to remain committed. It is an excellent remedy for the faint-hearted.


Lunar Meadowsweet

Lunar Meadowsweet is for souls who have lived a series of lives where great vulnerability or impressionability was experienced, resulting in them having had their minds controlled by others.  This includes intimidation and trauma leading to susceptibility and exploitation.



Margarita flower essence stimulates the stellar chakra.  At times of crisis, cross-roads, the ending of one chapter and beginning of the next, the stellar chakra re-orientates to draw in a new energy.


Dandelion Seed Essence

Dandelion Seed Essence connects us to the cosmic seed within us, bringing a greater awareness and appreciation of our own star seed to strengthen and affirm our spiritual nature.



Thyme flower essence brings a healing influence to our perception of time.  This time, the last days of the Piscean Age, holds many wounds for humanity: time/thyme is a great healer.

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