St. John’s Wort - vibrational plate between the mental and emotional bodies

In a healthy aura the mental and emotional bodies function independently of each other.   We can imagine them like oil and water in the same container. When shaken together by powerful thoughts or emotions, they will gradually disentangle to re-establish their separate identities. However, when our emotional and mental bodies are unable to properly divide after the affect of trauma or other intense or prolonged activity, a dysfunctional energy resides within the aura that can easily cause the two bodies to fuse together. When this occurs we are unable to fully and properly separate our mental constructs from our emotional responses. We are then likely to dwell on the past traumatic event, unable to shake off the emotions, or become too introspective, even to the point of obsessive.   Mountains can too easily be made out of molehills. The fusion of our mental and emotional bodies can also lead to the development of fears, phobias, depressions or other distorted views of reality. Poor decision-making is another symptom of this particular dysfunction within the light body as is lack of clarity and indecisive behaviour, leading to frustration and anger.  

St. John’s Wort flower essence has the ability separate the emotional and mental by creating a ‘vibrational plate’ between the two bodies. This needs to be maintained for a period of time by regular use of the essence until the bodies have had time to re-educate themselves to being separate and healthy.   We could all probably benefit from the occasional use of this essence to clear any minor fusing of the mental and emotional that occurs through the normal stresses of everyday living.

st.johns wort

The essence’s freeing of the mental from the emotional body may well allow the soul to travel beyond the lower astral to experience visionary states, particularly in the dream state. For this reason it can also be used for disturbed dreams. As the name of the plant suggests, there is a powerful spiritual quality about this essence. In folklore it is written that if hung in windows on the anniversary of St. John’s birth, 24th. June, ‘ghosts, devils, imps and thunderbolts’ will be kept at bay. Also the red styles of the ovaries are supposed to show on the anniversary of his beheading, August 29th. The plant’s alignment with St. John is significant. John was the cousin of Jesus and many believed that he was the Messiah. His birthday is celebrated at the summer solstice while Jesus is remembered at the winter solstice. The unbinding of the mental from the emotional allows consciousness to rise up to the spiritual body. The use of this essence can therefore create within us a greater sense of our spiritual self and reconnect us to our true self.

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