What can flower remedies treat?

Each individual flower has a therapeutic quality that can be transferred into a flower remedy / essence. Since there are tens of thousands of different flowers, flowers can be used to treat a very wide variety of conditions.

A classic way of  categorising human and animal conditions is into four categories:






Flower remedies generally have less effect on the physical level of our being than on the other three levels. There is much less documentation of their uses to help in the treatment of physical conditions. Some flower essence therapists do not treat any physical condition. However, people do respond very favourably to the remedies prescribed for a wide range of physical conditions.

The best way to describe their uses on the physical level of our being is as supportive aids to the emotional, mental and spiritual suffering that accompanies physical illness. Flower remedies can be used to ease the full range of anxieties and fears that accompany physical ill health.

Our path to improved or full health is longer and more difficult to navigate if the accompanying ill health on the other levels of our being is not addressed.


Life threatening illnesses create a tremendous amount of fear – this can be treated with flower remedies giving the body more opportunity to heal without all the stresses and anxieties.

Long and protracted illness often results in a build up of apathy, resignation, frustrations, perhaps spilling into anger and even violent thoughts or emotions. Flower remedies can be used to ease these emotional and mental sufferings, thereby giving the body more opportunity to focus on self-healing.

When our bodies fail our self-confidence and self-belief can take a battering. Surely it is better to convalesce with a positive belief that health can be restored than a negative and defeatist vision of the future? Flower remedies are extremely good at supporting our self-belief and confidence.

On many occasions acute illness has its roots in emotional, mental or spiritual stress, the weekend headache or holiday flu being examples. If we treat these stresses with flower remedies we are much less likely to have reoccurrences of these types of conditions.

Times of ill health or major traumas often occur at a cross-roads in our life. Re-evaluations, adjustments, transformations can be facilitated by the use of flower remedies.

Ill or poor health can make us feel like a child again and bring to the surface all those childhood issues that were never properly healed. Flower remedies heal such accompanying emotional and mental states.

These are merely half a dozen examples of how flower essences can contribute to physical healing.


Flower essences are best known for their therapeutic effects upon our emotions. The flower essence repertory literally bulges with references to emotional healing. Here’s a quick a-z to give a flavour of the width of healing flower remedies offer on this level of our being.

Anxiety, brooding, confusion, disgust, envy, fear, guilt, hopelessness, impatiens, jealousy, loss, morose, nervousness, over-whelmed, pride, resignation, shame, trauma, unsettled, vulnerability, worry, zenaphobia.

Some of us have closed emotions, conjested and dense. The influence of flower remedies will be to open such emotions to make us feel lighter and less weighed down by burdens and responsibilities. Some of us have a very different emotional make-up, open and expansive, perhaps too emotional or easily hurt. No matter how your emotions are made up flower essences can be extremely helpful to bring greater balance into this area of your life.

Depression is a very common example of how an overly dense emotional body manifests in an individual’s life. All types of repression are likewise manifestations of dense and dark emotions. Many flower remedies lift the emotions. Fears can range from the small and trivial to major obstacles in one’s life. Flower essences have been given for the full range of fears for over seventy years. Flower essences can be used to heal major emotional traumas or used to improve ourselves, self-development, by helping us address emotional issues that hold us back.


Like the emotions, the mind is highly receptive to flower essences. Emotions and mind mix so well together it can be difficult to know if some conditions are emotional   or mental. Our mental state effects or emotions and visa-versa. Flower remedies for the mental body would be indicated for a wide range of conditions including narrow-mindedness, a tendency to worry and be highly strung, too nervous, a lack of good judgement and being overly pessimistic or optimistic

Tensions and stresses, common ‘aches and pains’ of the mental level of our being, respond to flower remedies because many have a soothing and calming influence on the mind. Mental clarity can be enhanced by the use of flower essences as can the mind’s ability to better assimilate knowledge and understanding.

On the mental level of our being we deal with ideas, concepts and beliefs. If our mind is healthy we have healthy/positive attitudes to these aspects of life. Our state of mind is crucial to our overall well-being. We all know how to look on the bleak side of life but it is when such negative attitudes become ingrained in our consciousness that we begin to suffer on more than just the mental level. Flower remedies can transform negative mental patterns into positive ones.  


Many flower essences have been made to treat us on the spiritual level of being. Often such ‘treatments’ are more concerned with spiritual development rather than healing. Flower essences can be used in help us in our meditation practice, become more aware of our purpose on Earth, put us more in touch with our higher self, spirit guide and angelic forces. Flower remedies can be used to enhance our awareness of the spiritual aspects of life outside our own being, put us more in touch, bring us closer to, spiritual/non-physical forces of nature.

Disturbances on the spiritual level tend to be interpreted as a wide variety of mental illnesses by those who do not acknowledge the spiritual aspect of life.

Here at Aquarius we produce a set of remedies to heal the wounds that are carried through into the present life from previous incarnations. Such wounding resides on the soul and the soul is at the foundation of our being. Healing wounds at this level can have profound implications for our health on all levels of being.

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