Our Top Seven Most Useful Flower Remedies

Thirty eight different Flower Remedy Combinations are listed on our website and in our catalogue. The simplest contains as few as three flower remedies whilst some of the most complicated formulas have as many as fifteen or more flower remedies added to a single dosage bottle. In the preparation of these combinations our primary source of single essences is the flower remedies we ourselves have made and documented. A smaller secondary source is the Bach repertory, which we also produce and there is also a third source, a handful of useful flower remedies I have come across in my studies and research over the years; some we buy in while others we make ourselves to add to the combinations. When taking into consideration our seed essences and Moon Flowers there are well over two hundred essences we draw upon to make up our combinations.

Recently I went though all the combination recipes to discover which remedies we use the most. Below I am listing our top seven remedies, the ones that appear most often in our combinations - the most useful flower remedies in our repertory.

Number 1
Oregano Oreganum vulgare

All flower remedies have an immediate impact upon the aura or light body. The vibrations of Oregano flower essence work directly upon the magnetic polarities within the human energy field. There are tens of thousands of these polarities subjected to constant rapid flux. Within certain areas of the subtle anatomy the energy flow between the polarities can become sluggish and possibly static at one or other of the poles. The aura loses its vibrancy, has a duller hue. On the mental and emotional levels this gives rise to such traits as reluctance to change, possessiveness, fixed opinions and the desire to own and dominate, while physically the body develops stiffness and rigidity. Oregano essence works directly upon these affected areas, allowing the polarities to ebb and flow once more in a constant state of change.

Oregano flower essence is the remedy of release. When we release we give up control and influence. This essence allows us to see with more clarity that we do not have to hold on, we can surrender the reins of power to something beyond ourselves.


Number 2
Carduus Thistle Carduus pycnocephalus
The purple flower of the Carduus thistle, appearing above the spiny foliage, is a large part of the signature of this plant. The flower resonates with a high frequency within the light body, standing clear and aloof above the intricate blades running down the stem in spiny wing shapes. Carduus amplifies our higher levels of consciousness so that we can look down upon our barbs and barriers, see them from a higher perspective rather than being caught in their tangle of pain.

Carduus Thistle is indicated for those who are overly critical of themselves. This remedy is for those who are lacking confidence in their own abilities. Such folk are usually full of self-doubt, self-criticism and self-reproach. It is not unusual for those in need of Carduus to also have feelings of self-disgust and self-distrust.


Number 3
Garlic Allium sativum
Garlic flower essence is used to alleviate fear. It achieves this by easing fear and crystallising objectivity into the mental and emotional bodies. Garlic is an excellent remedy for stage fright or similar emotions bordering on intense fear or panic. As in the mythology of this plant, there is a strong protective quality about garlic flower essence and it can be used when we are feeling fearful about dark or evil forces. Garlic flower essence is also useful for periods of low vitality when there is an openness to disease and attack on all levels.

Physical Indicators: weak liver, impurities in the blood.
Key Word: fear.

Number 4
Christ Thorn Pallenis spinosa
Christ Thorn flower essence has a very strong protective quality. This is shown in the plant by the thorny sepals and tough leaves and stem. For this reason Christ Thorn can be used when we are being overwhelmed by outside stimuli and need to close down. Christ Thorn also has a very strong centring energy to impart to us which means that we can benefit from this remedy when we need to be brought back to our own centre. It makes us feel more comfortable with being alone. Physical Indicators: weak thymus gland. We use this remedy to stimulate the High Heart Chakra. Christ Thorn is added to our "Immune" esssenceand "Spirit/Earth Alignment" flower essence combinations.
Key Words: being centred, feeling protected.

Number 5
Borganvillea is a remedy of great strength, durability and resolve. It prevents us faltering and wavering from what we know to be the right or true path. Use when a decision has been made and needs to be adhered to, particularly when the going gets tough. Borganvillea increases our ability to remain committed. It is an excellent remedy for the faint-hearted.Physical Indicators: long-term or chronic conditions.

The vibrational impulse of bougainvillaea penetrates very deeply into the subtle anatomy. This makes it an excellent remedy to use on deeply ingrained dysfunctional energetic patterns. This type of negative patterning is almost certainly carried through from previous lives and initially manifests in early childhood. It is often the cause of longstanding or chronic physical complaints.

Number 6
Morning Glory Convolvulus althaeoides
Morning Gloryessencehelps us to prevent the conscious mind from straying into the endless possibilities and diversions that exist. Use this remedy to focus the mind on one single point. Use Morning Glory when we experience the other man's grass as being greener, making our own path pale with dissatisfaction. This flower essence helps the conscious mind focus healing to specific areas of the body.

Morning Glory is used to stimulate the Guru chakra which is located in the middle of the head and on the physical level corresponds to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The Guru has been likened to a little sun in the centre of the head. From it energetic channels radiate out in all directions. It is proving highly effective in the treatment of many problems originating within the cranial cavity for through its network of channels it can illuminate all areas of the head. The Guru governs the inner or divine knowledge or illumination which leads to enlightenment. The Guru contains our wisdom built upon experience and understanding, it lies behind the Brow Chakra which contains knowledge built upon curiosity and learning.

Number 7
Sage Salvia officinalis
The reason why Sage appears in the top seven is because it is used to stimulate the solar plexus chaka. Dysfunctional energetic patterns contained within this chakra can give rise to such conditions as a lack of personal power or self-confidence. When this chakra is weak we can feel out of control and look at ourselves as a victim, unable to change our life for the better. Stress, anxiety and fatigue also have a detrimental affect upon the solar plexus chakra.

Sage means wisdom and the angel of this flower offers us this quality. Sage flower essence bestows the ability to draw wisdom from life experiences, to review and survey the processes of life from a higher perspective. Sage can be taken when we need to draw a spiritual dimension into our being. This essence also brings the quality of laughter.

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