The 1st. or stock level of dilution is used for all individual flower remedies that you may buy, while the 2nd. or dosage level of dilution is used for flower essence combinations, where several individual (stock) remedies are mixed together in one bottle.

After the flower or seed essence has been made into a mother tincture it it first diluted before taking.  

How we make our mother tinctures

The mother tincture is the first level of dilution. The original solarised water is mixed half and half with the preservative, usually brandy, the preferred spirit of the first flower remedy producer, Dr. Bach.   Mother tinctures are not taken directly but diluted down to the stock level and further, if desired, to the dosage level.

Stock - The first level of dilution

Two drops from the mother tincture are added to a bottle that contains a water/brandy mix, usually half and half but the amount of brandy is not important, some producers use pure brandy. All our stocks have half water and brandy in the bottles before the mother tincture is added. Two drops from individual stocks can be taken directly on the tongue or diluted further to the dosage level.   Some find the stock level a better way of using the essences whilst others the dosage. All our individual flower and seed essences are sold at the stock level of dilution and come in 10 ml and 30 ml sizes.

Dosage - The second level of dilution

Individual stock bottles can be diluted to the dosage level by adding two drops to a non gaseous drink. Alternatively a separate bottle can be used to mix several individual stocks together for ease of taking.   Our dosage bottles contain ¾ water and ¼ brandy to which two drops from the stocks of choice are added. All your combinations are at the dosage level of dilution and come in 30 ml or 100 ml sizes.

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