May in Devon means the woods are full of the white star-like flowers of Wild Garlic (Allium-sativum). On every walk with Heidi I always take a bag and when in the woods pick the garlic leaves. Earlier in the spring, when very tender, I use the leaves in salads and now that they are bigger and slightly tougher I turn them into wild garlic soup. They grow in such abundance that I can fill a good sized carrier bag and make two full pans of soup to store in the freezer.

I fry an onion in each pan; throw in a couple of diced potatoes; fill each pan with garlic leaves; push them down and add water to the height of the leaves; simmer until the potatoes are soft; add a little salt and pepper and put through the food processor. You know from its taste and intense green colour it is doing you good!
Garlic flower remedy was first documented by Gurudas in his book Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing. It is a very useful remedy ranking number three in our top seven. The reason it is so useful is because it is a very powerful remedy for fear.

It ranks alongside Bach's Mimulus (for known fear) and Aspen (for unknown fear). Garlic balances the polarisation between Mimulus and Aspen to form a trinity of remedies for fear. Garlic sits between the two Bach remedies acting as a mediator. It can be used to enhance either of the Bach fear remedies or used instead when fear sits on the borderline between the known and the unknown.Since ancient times garlic has been used as a talisman or amulet to ward off evil and protect

Since ancient times garlic has been used as:

  • a talisman or amulet to ward off evil and protect usa
  • a super food for strength and bravery before battle
  • a magical ingredient in many potions and placed on many altars
  • an important medicine.

Gurudas writes that Garlic flower essence 'crystalises objectivity in the emotional and mental bodies... and can be used for any type of fear.' The flower essence has strong connections to the talismatic aspect of garlic for it is here that we encounter fear. Garlic flower essence is particularly good for fear of evil, death or the supernatural. Garlic fear can be subtle, as in Aspen, but it can intensify up to extreme fear associated with paranoia.

This extreme emotional state that garlic can bring its therapeutic influence to bear upon can also be transferred to anger. Garlic is also a very useful flower essence for anger, including the extreme anger of rage, a fact many producers fail to mention.

Garlic Flower Essence

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