Do you Dowse?
The answer to this question is,'Yes, of course.' Everyone dowses, or at least, everyone can dowse. In my opinion there is no special skill or talent to dowsing, it's a natural ability or instinct we all possess, just like breathing.

I play several musical instruments and the ones I play the best are the ones I play the most.  Practice and confidence are two vital factors in the ability to make a good sound on any instrument and also to obtain good results with a pendulum or any other dowsing tool. I started dowsing when I first became involved with flower remedies xxxx years ago, practicing and gaining confidence with the Chakra Flower Essences.  We use to attend fairs and festivals demonstrating diagnostic dowsing of the chakras.  We got a person to sit on a chair at our stall and we would suspend our pendulum in each of the seven major chakras in turn. If the pendulum swung clockwise that indicated the chakra was open, balanced and drawing in sufficient life force or prana, if the pendulum swung anticlockwise that indicated the chakra was blocked, unbalanced, weak and not drawing in sufficient life force into the aura. We would then give the corresponding Chakra Flower Essence and dowse again to see how effective it had been on opening the chakra.

Each chakra has a set of qualities associated with it so from this very simple diagnostic technique, which only took a couple of minutes to perform, we were able to paint a picture about the person's health on various levels of their being, including the physical.  Over the course of a whole weekend we would be doing many hours of dowsing and giving of our results. The feedback we received gave us the confidence to continue and develop the technique further.

There is one other vital factor when in comes to dowsing and that is the ability to keep one's own opinions, desires and ego out of the dowsing. It is a diagnostic tool that bypasses the limitations of your own biases, beliefs and lack of knowledge to identify the healing pathways, and we allow it to bypass all of this by keeping our mind out of the process. For this reason I would not recommend dowsing for oneself, unless you are particularly practiced in the art of self-detachment. Dowsing is a natural gift we all possess but it needs to be used with a degree of wisdom and self-realisation, for the betterment of others and not the self.

There is really nothing mystical about the pendulum's movement during dowsing. It is not caused by invisible forces but very small muscle movements in the arm which the pendulum, hanging on its chain, amplifies. These involuntary muscle movements are generated in the parasympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system that regulates everything going on in our body we are unaware of, such as heart beats, lung movements, intestinal and glandular activity etc.  So when we hold a pendulum with the intent to dowse and disengage our conscious mind from the process we are connecting more fully with our parasymathetic nervous system, which perhaps could be expressed in less scientific terms as getting in touch with our natural instincts.

Nowadays, my dowsing is done through our complete repertory of essences which is somewhere in the three hundreds. Here is a recent example of how is works.

Message: I'm interested in buying a personalised essence for my cousin's 3rd born son. He started having infantile spasms at 6 months old and has severe autism at almost 4 years old. His mother had a traumatic birth (a lot of blood loss) and post-partum depression. I know there is a beautiful little boy aching to emerge from the beautiful boy who already is. I just need an essence that is made without alcohol and is as personalised as possible due to the variable nature of individuals with autism and the complicating factors of infantile spasms, steroid medication and many hospital trips.

Dear D, I am more than happy to dowse a personal remedy for this little boy.  If you go to the website you can pay and send me the necessary postal details.  Please feel free to write more if you so wish. Lots of love, Simon

Hi Mr. France,I ordered 2 custom remedies. One for my son and one for my cousin's son. The website didn't prompt me to give any details regarding the remedies. Will I get an email asking for details?

Dear D, thanks for your order and payment. I don't need any information about the two boys, except for their names. Just send them by reply to this email.Love, Simon

Thanks Simon. Please make these essences with glycerine instead of alcohol. My cousin's son's name is J. My son's name is B.  Thank you kindly,With love,D

Thanks for that D, I've had to order some glycerine which should arrive tomorrow. When it arrives I'll dowse the remedies and write the reports to this email address then post the remedies. <How old is your son? Love, Simon

My son is 2.5 years old. :) Thank you so much. I can tell you do this with such care and love. It's deeply appreciated.

Dear D,These are the remedies I dowsed with descriptions from the website. Two of the Chakra Flower Essences came up Celandine for the throat and Sage for the solar plexus.  Throat Indicators: difficulty in self-expression, unaware of own needs and desires, suppression of self, introversion, sullen. Physical dis-ease of thyroid glands, mouth, vocal cords, trachea, cervical Complaints vertebrae, nervous system, speech impediments.  Attributes greater and clearer communication, speaking one's truth, diplomacy.  Solar Plexus Indicators: victim consciousness, lack of control, stress, domination or abuse of others, anger, aggression, fatigue. Physical dis-ease in the organs of digestion and purification - stomach, Complaints pancreas, liver, gallbladder, spleen - ulcers, diabetes.

The qualities of Sunflower flower essence are closely related to those of the astrological significance of the Sun. Therefore this flower remedy is a balancer of the ego. It helps us to shine and show our true self. Sunflower is also associated with the masculine aspect of self; it is useful for a poor relationship with one`s male self or father.Physical Indicators : poor posture, strains in the spinal column and heart disease; sunburn and heat exhaustion. We use Sunflower flower essence in our "Fairy Magic" and "Self Empowerment" flower and seed essence combinations.

Blackberry for the stomach/spleen meridians.  Typical Imbalances of the Stomach and Spleen Meridians - Overly sympathetic to others, over active mind at night, too much worrying, feeling restless, stomach problems, eating disorders, female reproductive problems, damp conditions that can cause fungal infections such as thrush and athlete's foot, easily startled by noises, craving sweet foods.

Oak Hopelessly plodding on without thought of change, tendency to overwork and suffering in the process, obstinately sticking to things, even when pointless, not showing tiredness, exhaustion or ill-health, sliding into despair, possibly leading to breakdown, finding it difficult to let go, relax and rest properly.

And one seed essence Dandelion.

The celandine, sage and sunflower are all pointing to lack of confidence in self-expression. These remedies will help J in this department. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the meridians associated with blackberry relate to the element of Earth. Oak is one of Dr. Bach remedies that he assigned to the element of Earth. Together these two remedies are about helping better ground J. The energies of seed essences suit children very well for they are like seeds, just beginning to grow and fulfill their potential.The dandelion seeds, as in the dandelion clock, came up in the dowsing for J. Seeds have the desire to express their full potential and seed essences help us do the same.

Dowsing for B

Lilac flower essence is an extremely important remedy for the back. It works upon all the chakras which are connected to the central light column that equates on the physical level with the spine. The Physical Indicators of lilac flower essence are back pain, spinal inflammation, pinched nerves in the spine, solidification of the vertebrae, lack of flexibility in the spine.

Lunar Michaelmas Daisy.  LUNAR MICHAELMAS DAISY is asking to heal, through transformation, the battles which have raged between individuals in their previous incarnations. This remedy is able to address the tensions which continually surface in relationships from time to time that have their roots in past life power struggles. This remedy works particularly well within family karma.  Resentment and bitterness - mostly unspoken, carrying a grudge or chip on the shoulder, dissatisfaction, accepting help but unable to give in return.

Seed essence of Red Valerian.  The description of lilac is focussed on the physical spine but if we interpret it as a human characteristic we arrive at the concept of having backbone. There is quite a strong theme displayed in this combination suggesting B is a strong willed lad who doesnt like being told what to do by his parents. Being pushed around in previous lives means he aint going to be pushed around this time around. These remedies will help him assert himself in a balanced fashion and let go of his anger, bitterness and resentment towards authority figures. Red valerian seed essence will help shape B's self-expression.

Good luck with the Terrible Twos! I hope I have managed to write something of value for you, and your cousin, D. I will post the remedies tomorrow. Love, Simon

Simon,you are amazing! Thank you so much! Spot on with B. He's very loving and sweet but try to get him to do something he doesn't want to do...woah! And it gets worse with discipline!

And J, beautiful J. I just want to find our true J inside the beautiful boy who is so confused, tired and unable to express himself.

You truly have an amazing talent.

Deepest gratitude,

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