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Karmic Healing    Seed Essences

Chakra Articles

  • Introduction to the Chakras 1
  • Chakra Introduction 2
  • Chakra Introduction 3
  • Introduction to the Extended Chakras
  • Guide to Chakra Flower Essences

 The Aura

Although known about for thousands of years within the ancient world, it is only in recent ‘modern scientific'

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Introduction to the Chakras 2

Dysfunctional Chakras

There are several ways in which a chakra can display dysfunctional patterns. If

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Introduction to the Chakras 3

Working with The Chakra Flower Essences

Chakra Flower Essences have a therapeutic impact upon the

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extended chakra system

The Extended Chakra System

It is an integral part of human nature to find the processes of life intriguing; for

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A Guide to the Chakra Flower Essences

A Workbook To Accompany the Chakra Flower Essences

This is a revised and

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Aquarius Flower Remedies Distant Learning Practitioner Course

flower essence course


Under the Moon

by Simon France

I started making flower remedies under moonlight 17

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The Moon Flowers is a set of 45, and counting, flower remedies made under moonlight.

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Can you give me any guidance on releasing old wounds with the Moon Flower essences?

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In October I was contacted by a woman seeking a past life remedy for her

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Thoughts upon a Snowdrop
February 2015


This year the first half of February has been

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A recent correspondence with a woman prompted me to write this following article about the

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  • Inside Track Moon Flowers
  • Introduction to Moon Flowers
  • Releasing Old Wounds with Moon Flowers
  • The Making of Lunar Sweet Pea
  • Thoughts upon a Snowdrop
  • Tip of the Iceberg

Flower remedies hand made in Devon England

flower remedies from Devon shipped to usa

Shipped with care to The USA every day.

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