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Seed Essence Articles

  • An introduction to Seed Essences
  • Choosing Seed Essences
  • Combining Seed and Flower Essences
  • Flower Remedies for Hayfever
  • Laurel Seeds
  • Making seed essences
  • Seed Essence Dosage
  • Seed Essences - Germ of an Idea
  • Seed Essences in Practice Introduction 3
  • Sunflower Seed Essence from Thrace
  • The Uses of Seed Essences Introduction 2
  • Too Good to Miss
  • uses modula
  • What are the uses of each seed essence?

What are Seed Essences Used For?

The Seed Essence Repertory

clematis seed essence

We have to look at the repertory of seed essences

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Seed essences are used for a specific set of conditions, see Therapeutic Uses . rather than each seed essence having 

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Since seed essences and flower remedies are made in exactly the same way and from the same plants, they are

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Working with Flower and Seed Essences for Hay Fever

There is a psychological aspect to hay fever: you only have

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Laurel Seeds

Not far from us is the highest waterfall in England:  Canonteign Falls drops 220 feet of Dartmoor into

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cumin seed essence

Collecting the Seeds


Some seeds are prominent, especially those that disperse by the wind, whilst others become buried beneath

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Four drops can be taken from the stock bottles directly onto the tongue or in a hot or cold drink

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Seed Essences


Many years ago one of my sons asked as we walked past a bush full of

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dock seed essence



A collection of 40 to 50 different seed essences that encompass the full season of growth will give

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Sunflowers are big in every conceivable way in Bulgaria.  As you drive through the vast fields it feels as if

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The Therapeutic Uses of Seed Essences have been classified under seven headings, based on the different aspects and symbolism of

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Collections that end in a 0 have a degree of stability I like. Here I'm thinking of my own work,

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Seed Essences connect us to our Inner Seed.

Seed Essences stimulate our Inner Seed.

Our Inner Seed is at the

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We look at the repertory of seed essences in a slightly different way than that of flower essences.  Whereas each 

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Moon Flower Articles


Under the Moon

by Simon France

I started making flower remedies under moonlight 17

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The Moon Flowers is a set of 40 flower remedies made under
moonlight. They are

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Can you give me any guidance on releasing old wounds with the Moon Flower essences?

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A recent correspondence with a woman prompted me to write this following article about the

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  • Inside Track Moon Flowers
  • Introduction to Moon Flowers
  • Releasing Old Wounds with Moon Flowers
  • Tip of the Iceberg

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Flower Essence Combinations

Chakra Articles

  • Introduction to the Chakras 1
  • Chakra Introduction 2
  • Chakra Introduction 3
  • Introduction to the Extended Chakras
  • Guide to Chakra Flower Essences

 The Aura

Although known about for thousands of years within the ancient world, it is only in recent ‘modern scientific'

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Introduction to the Chakras 2

Dysfunctional Chakras

There are several ways in which a chakra can display dysfunctional patterns. If

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Introduction to the Chakras 3

Working with The Chakra Flower Essences

Chakra Flower Essences have a therapeutic impact upon the

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extended chakra system

The Extended Chakra System

It is an integral part of human nature to find the processes of life intriguing; for

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A Guide to the Chakra Flower Essences

A Workbook To Accompany the Chakra Flower Essences

This is a revised and

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Bach Articles

  • Bach Biography
  • Bach Book Review
  • New Wine from Old Vine
  • The Inspirational Work of Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach

biographical notes

Born 24th. September 1886, Birmingham.

Died 27th. November 1936, Sotwell,

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By Simon France

Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function

Julian Barnard

Flower Remedy

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The flower remedies of Edward Bach are the best known flower essences in the world.

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The Inspiration of Edward Bach

Simon France

One summer in the mountains of Wales, over

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