Major Chakra Practitioner Set to Balance and Unblock the 7 Major Chakras

£ 35.00 each Weight: 350 g

Bottle size

major chakra chakras in aura 

Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy within the human aura. Their function is to draw energy from the cosmos, or universal energy field, into our own energy field in order that we maintain vitality and well being. If any of the chakras are weak or blocked they do not draw sufficient energy and dis-ease results, be that spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.


The Chakra Flower Essences have a direct therapeutic effect upon our chakras. They are able to balance and unblock the chakras so that energy can freely flow.  The Chakra Flower Essences can be used to bring healing to the chakras, by unblocking and stimulating them so energies flow freely.

Three short introductory articles on the Chakras and the Chakra Flower Essences

1  The Nature and Qualities of the Chakras  read

2  How Dysfunctions appear in the Chakras and how they affect us  read

3  Using Chakra Flower Essences to treat dysfunctional chakras   read

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