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Making the Soul and Spirit Essences

It’s a month now since I made the essence of soul.  Last night I looked up and saw the half moon, reminding me that during the previous cycle I was on the Thracian Lowlands of Bulgaria capturing this half circle which seems so perfectly to symbolise the crescent of the soul.  I remember how Nature spoke to me for it was a night earlier that I first put the bowl out but the mists rolled in blocking out the Moon.  The following night was clear and the Moon was exactly half so the essence was made.

I bottled the essence of soul some three hours later and as the Sun began to rise the following morning I put the bowl out again with the remainder of the soul essence still in.  I left it in the field all day as the Sun circled and all night to capture everything.  This see important as conversations with others had highlighted the need to have everything in the essence of spirit. I realised for the first time that the soul is part of the spirit.

Now I have the crescent, the circle and the cross in essence form to add to the seven planetary essences.

The Importance of Seven

Seven planets,  seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow,  seven chakras  seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, the seven Agni or rays of Vedic knowledge, the seven rays of Dionysus, the list goes on but essentially in all systems of faith and belief the whole is divided into seven.  

I want to capture these vibrations in the planetary essences and the best way I have come up with to achieve this is through the spectrum of light radiating down upon from the cosmos. Planetary assignment to the colours has been well documented for thousands of years.


Richard of York gained battle in vain


Mars is the red planet, always has been throughout all ancient civilisations.  The Martian emotions such as anger are associated with red.
The Sun is obviously yellow and Mercury, closest planet to the Sun is orange.
Venus is green.  The green beautiful earth of Aphrodite, goddess of love.
White is not the colour of the Moon for white is all colours: it is blue as in the blue of Mary, Madonna, the mother of god, the Goddess.
Indigo is the colour of Saturn, not black which is no colour: for the winter months, dark and as heavy as its metal, lead.
Jupiter, the royal planet has purple or violet as its colour.

Magic Colour Boxes

Teenage kids seem to be incredibly easy to embarrass, well mine do.  If, for example, I were to walk past them as they waited for the morning school bus, they would either hide away or deny that they know their own dad. So when I told them I was going to do some magic with coloured boxes they let out a groan and feared the worst - as if I wasn’t embarrassing enough!

I explained that I was only going to construct seven small card boxed, each lined with one of the rainbow colours.  Into theses boxes I would put a solarising bowl and leave them in the sun for three hours - I would be capturing the colours of the rainbows to add to my planetary essences.  They breathed a faint sigh of relief when they realised this would be done in the quiet of the garden and their school mates wouldn’t think me any madder or more eccentric than they already did.

I feel as if the planning of this project is now on the final lap.  I have still to work out the dilutions of the essences since between three and five essences are going to be combined to produce a single planetary essence.  The biggest task ahead of me is the writing of the repertory, what these seven essences can be used for.  This will be quite extensive as the planets are large archetypes, covering many aspects of life.

11th. December 2013

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