The Christmas Star was seen in the heavens for a brief period of time after sunset in December 2020.  It was the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn to form an exact conjunction in the sign of Aquarius on the 21st. of December, the winter solstice.   If you looked to where the Sun had set and as the sky darkend two planets became visible, close to the horizon.  Jupiter became visible first, as it is the brighter of the two planets.  Saturn appeared a little later, just above Jupiter in the 10 o’clock position.  Each night, up to the winter solstice, they moved a little closer together until they merged into one.  They remained visible for a short period after this date but then were swallowed up by the light of the Sun as it moved too close to the conjunction for it to be visible.



It is a highly credible theory that the astronomical phenomena that signalled to the Magi a saviour, a great soul, a spiritual leader had been birthed was the December 6 BC Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Pisces.  The celestial event described in Saint Mathew’s gospel as a moving star coming to rest, has strong similarities with the pattern created in the heavens by such a conjunction, especially when you take into consideration that the meaning of the word planet is “wandering or roving star”.

This was the 101st. Jupiter/Saturn conjunction since the wise went in search of the birth of Christ at the beginning of the Piscean Age.  Now the conjunction occurred in Aquarius as the Sun was reborn at the winter solstice.  We live in exciting times.


Star of Bethlehem
Dr. Bach intuited that Star of Bethlehem flower remedy is for shock, fright or trauma.  The remedy can be used by those who have become withdrawn and isolated through shock in the past.  Star of Bethlehem can be used by those who have a tendency to become paralysed by bad news or an accident or have a mental or physical problem triggered by a single event.


The Star of Bethlehem appeared at the end of the Age of Aries to herald the birth of the Age of Pisces.  The cusps of ages are tipping points as the old crumbles and gives way to the new.  Human consciousness has to move out of one reality and enter another.  Such a process resonates with the Star of Bethlehem flower remedy where shock forces the mind to make an immediate and traumatic shift in consciousness.   



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