The therapeutic qualities of seed essneces fall under the heading of one or more of seven groups.

The Seven Groups

  1. The Hard Shell
  2. Storing the Knowledge
  3. Dormancy
  4. Planting and Burial 
  5. Germination
  6. Growth, Potential and Purpose
  7. The Cosmic Seed

clematis seed essence

Group 1 The Hard Shell

All seeds have a hard shell.  Qualities pertaining to hardness and strength such as resisience (Bugloss) and persistence (Rosemary).  The shell protects resulting in self-protection (Goose Grass) and a sense of security (Honesty).

Group 2 Storing the Knowledge

Qualities pertaining to all that has gone before such as inheritance (Holly) and memory (Marigold-pot).  The stored knowledge leads amongst other things to wisdom (Foxglove) and respect (Buttercup).

Group 3 Dormant

After the frenetic activity of growth and flowering, the seed lies dormant.  Qualites of calmness (White Clover) and stillness (Aquilegia) arise whilst the seed is in this state.  Amongst other things, also are found the qualites of relaxation (Honesty) and disconnect (Mallow).

Group 4 Planting and Burial

The seed in the ground gives rise to such qualities as darkness (Enchanter's Nightshade) and the unknown (Fumatory).  Amongst other things, whilst in the ground the seed will change (Mexican Fleabane), a transition occurs (Tobacco-wild), magic and alchemy can happen (Fig).

Group 5 Germination

The germinating seed and its growth give rise to such qualities as birth (Dock), rejuvenation (Spear Thistle), expectation (foxglove), development (Vine), and many more.

Group 6 Potential and Purpose

Amongst others, this group contains the following qualities.  The seed is full of promise (tobacco-wild).  The seed knows exactly what it must do, it is full of purpose (Wood Aven).  It wishes to expand (Mexican Fleabane) and be creative (Ash).

Group 7 The Cosmic Seed

The Cosmos has seeded the Earth.  Everything on this planet, including Gaia herself, has grown from the seeding of from Cosmic Dust.  A part of us each one of us resonates with the Cosmic Seed.

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