Seed Essences connect us to our Inner Seed.

Seed Essences stimulate our Inner Seed.

Our Inner Seed is at the core of our being

Our Inner Seed is where we have come from

Like a seed, our inner seed has a strong protective layer - making us feel safe and secure.

Seeds can endure - so can our inner seed

Seeds are patient - so is our inner seed

After all the excitment and activity of growth the seed is left to be quite and dormant.  Connecting to our inner seed slows us down, reducing agitation and panic. Use seed essnces when you are forced to slow down, take a break, convalese.

Seeds want to be buried.  Our inner seed has no fear of the dark.

Out of the dark and cold seeds transform into new life - so does our inner seed.

Like all seeds, our inner seed contains all the knowledge of what has gone before. Our inner seed is naturally wise.

Seeds are young, contain pure potential - so does our inner seed.

Connect to your inner seed when vigour, freshness, rejuvenation, inspiration, creativity, germination are lacking in life.

A seeds knows its purpose in life - so does our inner seed.

Seeds do not doubt their purpose - neither does your inner seed.

Seeds want to grow and mature.  Issues connected with our own growth and maturity will respond to seed essences.

Seeds are used to starting out afresh.  Let your inner seed help you at these times in your life.

Seeds fulfill their potential and destiny. Stimulating our inner seed will help us in these areas of life.

Seeds fulfill their potential and destiny. Stimulating our inner seed will increase self-confidence, belief and expression.

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