Since seed essences and flower remedies are made in exactly the same way and from the same plants, they are perfectly suited to be mixed together into essence combinations.

Examples of seed and flower essence combinations

Our best selling flower essence combination is Sleep, for which we get many consistent repeat orders. In the Therapeutic Uses of Seed Essences, Group 3 is concerned with the quiet and still nature of the seed, when it is in its dormancy. Here is a perfect example of a flower essence combination resonating with one of the uses of seed essences.

We dowsed over the full set of seed essences to determine which was the best suited to be added to this particular combination and came up with Galium.

Other flower essence combinations from our own range that will benefit from the addition of seed essence include:

No Panic – also resonating with the third group, the seed’s ability to remain quiet and still

Protection – resonating with the seed’s hard protective shell

Self Empowerment – resonates with the seed’s destiny, knowledge of what it is about, what it has to do.

Uplift – resonates with the power of the seed at the time of germination.

You will find our own mixes of flower essences resonating with the therapeutic uses of the seed essences. The seed essences are added to personal blends in exactly the same as you add flower remedies.

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