Seed Essences


Many years ago one of my sons asked as we walked past a bush full of rosehips, if remedies could be made from the seeds as well as the flowers of plants. The thought really was too big to contemplate – as many seed essences as flower remedies…! However, it was as if a seed had alighted on my being and did not blow away for in the years that followed I reflected many times on what therapeutic uses seed essences could be put to. Now, nearly 20 years later, enough pieces in the jigsaw seem to have fallen into place to spur me into starting a collection of essences made from the seeds of plants. The seed has germinated.

This process of germination I can trace back to earlier this year when I became aware that my son, the one who asked that question all those years ago, now 27, lacks direction in life. He floats and hasn't found the place he wishes to land. Seed essences, I feel, are for this type of condition, to help us reach a fuller or richer potential, point us in the right direction. We all contain a star seed, a divine aspect that has descended from the cosmos looking to anchor on the earth and grow into something productive, meaningful and useful. Charismatic and inspiring personalities have managed to plant, germinate, nurture and grow their seeds. We all have that potential within and seeds essences can, I'm sure, help us get in touch more with this aspect of our being. Our clarity, meaning and purpose to life, creativity as well as our self-confidence and self-belief are all touched by the germination and growth of this seed, this potential within us.

Just a few weeks ago I was mesmerised by the world of seeds when for several days the air was filled with down. It was a wonderful and impressive sight to behold the dandelion and willow giving up their seeds to the winds: millions upon millions floating on the breeze. During this period we went for a swim in the local river and it was covered in these seeds floating down to the sea.

Another factor in my own personal germination of this project comes from my partner, Heidi. She is currently a Fine Art student and her latest project involved the making of giant representations of seeds from various mediums such as clay, metal, paper and fabrics. Recently I have been surrounded, not only by her giant clover, honesty and dock seeds, and fantasy versions of seeds an imaginary ancestor collected on an unknown Pacific island, but all her research material, including seed catalogues and stunning images created by scanning electron micrographs.

If our inner landscape is really reflected in our outer world, surely this is a sign that the time is ripe to initiate this project. However, I had one big barrier to overcome, one stumbling block preventing me from acting: what are the qualities of all these different seeds; how do I go about distinguishing the different effects of borage seeds and oak acorns? This unanswered question goes right back to that walk with my son past the rosehips. Then on the morning of the 3 rd . June I awoke to an answer. As my mind slipped back into conscious mode the hurdle simply dissolved with the realisation that I do not need to concern myself with such matters because all seed essences essentially connect us to our seed within. Therefore, what I need to do is make a collection of seed essences, establish a seed essence bank, which others can then access. Through dowsing, intuition, synchronicity, personal preference or simple attraction, the appropriate seed essence(s) for each individual can be chosen. Certain seed essences will resonate strongly with certain individuals. For this approach, the larger the seed essence bank the better because a greater refinement of choice is then afforded.

I am aware that this project is being initiated as Mars, planet of initiation, moves into the zodiacal sign of Virgo, the corn goddess. Virgo is associated with the ripening, harvesting and storage of the fruit and seed. There is more to this than just the auspicious nature of such an astrological alignment at this juncture, it points to another dimension to the uses that seed essences can be put to. Seeds store and encapsulate, they not only contain the potential of the future but also give protection to existing knowledge. The plant will die yet the seed will carry through time and space the knowledge that is needed to be reborn. Seed essences not only connect us to our future potential but our past inheritance. Seed essences can reconnect or strengthen the connection to our ancestral line, allowing our spiritual inheritance to flow more freely. Seeds are buried in the ground before rebirth. These essences therefore bring us closer to this transformational part of the cycle of life – death, burial and resurrection.

There is one further potential use for seed essences that I can perceive, their use alongside the corresponding flower essence. When choosing a seed essence to use it may be appropriate to connect in some way with the corresponding flower essence. This may simply be an intellectual connection, an appreciation of the uses and personality traits associated with the flower essence, or it may become more physical with the taking of the parallel flower essence alongside the seed essence to strengthen and amplify the therapeutic vibrations.

To summarise the uses that seed essences can be put to: Greater clarity in our life. Greater meaning to our existence. Putting us more in touch with our life's purpose. Helping us engage more fully with our destiny. Enabling us to fulfil our true potential. Greater self-confidence. Greater self-belief. Improving creativity and self-expression. Reconnecting and strengthening to the protective blessing that comes down to us from our ancestors. Unblocking of the past. Assisting us in periods of transition when aspects of our being die or peel away in order to let new life energies the potential to emerge. Strengthening and amplifying the therapeutic energies of flower essences.

Contribute to the Seed Essence Bank To realise this project my intention to establish a seed essence bank with as many seed essences as possible. I have started my own work in this area and would like to invite others to join in the project. The more the merrier. So if you feel drawn or inspired to making a seed essence and sharing it with others read on. Choice of Seeds Intent is a key word in the making of vibrational essences. So if you feel a special affinity with a certain plant and want to turn its seeds into an essence, that is an excellent place to start from. You may be drawn more to the process of essence making, this too is a wonderful starting point – both positive and life-affirming reasons.

The essences made from wild plants in their natural environments are preferable but garden plants are suitable if you feel particularly drawn to making essences from them. If possible choose from organically grown plants and be particularly sensitive if collecting seeds from rare or endangered species. It is only safe to make essences from seeds that are poisonous if the sun method is employed. Please do not boil such seeds. Soon a website will be up and running where I shall publish all seeds essences I have in the seed bank. You will be able to check to avoid duplicating essences at . However, until this happens I am happy to accept all contributions regardless if I have myself or someone else has made.

Preparing the Seeds for Potentisation Seed essences can be made in two ways, either by solarisation or boiling. If the seeds will initially float on water use the Sun Method, if they will sink in water use the Boiling Method. Small delicate seeds need to be solarised whereas large, tough seeds should be boiled. Make sure that the seeds are ripe before harvesting. The rule of thumb is the less human interference in the process the better so try and get the seeds in the water in as natural way as possible. Small amounts of dirt are of no concern, keep your hands off the seeds as much as possible. Seed capsules can be broken open and the seeds shaken directly into the water. Some plants can be simply shaken to release their seeds. Collecting seeds from the wild takes time, patience and close observation.

The seeds need to be harvested just as the plant is about to release them: several trips may have to be made to find the perfect time. Many plants that flower over a period of time will contain flowers and seeds at various stages of maturity: close examination will reveal the various stages of maturity. The Sun Method This method of essence production was pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach. First of all you will need a sunny day. You will also need a small glass bowl. It must be clear glass, free from any form of patterning or colour. The thinner the glass the better. Make sure the glass bowl is physically clean and then vibrationally cleanse it. Fill the glass bowl almost to the brim with spring or mineral water. Place the chosen seeds on the water, covering the surface. Leave in the sunlight for a minimum of three hours. If during this time the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl, do not worry, they are meant to When initially setting up the bowl take into account the movement of the Sun so that no shadows from trees, buildings etc. will be cast over the bowl during the process of solarisation. If at all possible try to set up the bowl in a quiet place, near where the seeds have been harvested, avoiding any form of noise or disturbance created by humans. Three hours of solarisation is sufficient in strong sunlight. If the conditions become cloudy leave for longer.

After the allotted hours remove the seeds from the surface and bottle the potentised water half and half with brandy. You have made a seed essence mother tincture! Label the bottle with the name of the plant (botanical and common name) the term “Seed Mother Tincture” and “Sun” and the date and place of making. Important . Please only bottle in glass as plastic degrades vibrational essences, rendering them inferior. Recommended sizes: 30ml and 50 ml. It is always good practice to bottle up two rather than one bottle so a spare exists in case of any accidents.

The Boiling Method This method was also used by Dr. Bach You will need a small stainless steel pan and heat to bring your water to the boil. Put approximately 300mls of spring or mineral water in the pan. Put the chosen seeds in the water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes and take off the heat. When the water is cool, bottle the potentised water half and half with brandy. Label the bottle with the name of the plant (botanical and common name) the term “Seed Mother Tincture” and “Boiled” and the date and place of making. Important . Please only bottle in glass as plastic degrades vibrational essences, rendering them inferior. Recommended sizes: 30ml and 50 ml. It is always good practice to bottle up two rather than one bottle so a spare exists in case of any accidents.

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