cumin seed essence

Collecting the Seeds


Some seeds are prominent, especially those that disperse by the wind, whilst others become buried beneath foliage and droop down towards the earth, where they want to go. Consequently some seeds are easy to collect whilst others are difficult, requiring delving in the undergrowth with a keen eye.

Whenever possible the seeds should be collected when ripe. If the seed capsules release their seeds with a slight amount of pressure, the seeds are ready. If the seeds require a gentle breath to release them from their pappus, they are ready. If those seeds that have hooks can be gently rubbed from the plant, they are ready.

It is not always practical to collect seeds at optimum ripeness for many seeds are dispersed almost immediately upon becoming ripe. In such cases collection should occur when as ripe as possible. In these cases take the seeds on the stem so that they can continue their final ripening still attached to part of the mother plant. Laying out the harvested plants on paper or loosely contained in paper envelopes is ideal, for in a short while the seeds will be found out of their capsules.

Removal of the chaff from the seeds is required but the seeds do not to be perfectly clean. The smaller the handling of the seed the better.

Making a Seed Essence

Seed essences can be made in exactly the same way as flower essences. The collected seed can be floated in a glass bowl of water and left in the sunlight for three hours or longer. Don't worry if during this time some of the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl, this will not affect the potentcy of the essence.

After the three or more hours use a small spoon to remove the floating seeds and bottle the water half and half with brandy. Bottling in a 30-50 ml. bottle is ideal. It is wise to make two bottles in case of an accident. Label the bottles with the name of the seed essence and the term 'Mother Tincture'. It is always good to write the date of making on the label as this provides a valuable piece if information for replenishing the essence in a future year.

Some Finer Points

Glass bowls need to be made from thin plain clear glass. No colour, not patterns. This is very important.

Before using the glass bowl need to be cleansed in two ways. First cleanse physically by washing in water as you would a dish. Next cleanse vibrationally by filling the bowl with water and submerging a clear quartz crystal in the water. Leave in the sunlight for a few minutes and visualise white light pouring down into the bowl, irridating the water and the glass with a radiant white light. Remove the crystal and throw the water away. Refill the bowl with water and it is ready to accept the seeds.

Do not use tap water in the vibrational cleansing of the bowl or the making of the seed essence. Spring water, bottled mineral water or filtered water are acceptable.

If making more than one essence with the same bowl it is extremely important that the bowl is vibrationally cleansed before reusing.

Make sure that in the storage of your Mother Tincture Seed Essences that they do not touch each other.


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