Working with Flower and Seed Essences for Hay Fever

There is a psychological aspect to hay fever: you only have to think of an itchy eye or a tickly nose and you can find yourself sneezing, wheezing and reaching once more for the tissues. The discomforts we experience on the physical level are accompanied by parallel disturbances within our aura as our mind and emotions react. Hay fever has the ability to rob us of the control we exercise over our own life and our mental and emotional responses to hay fever can so easily exacerbate the condition as we start to panic on all levels of being.

 When we experience the symptoms of hay fever, flower remedies help us to calm ourselves down, rather than become more agitated.

  • They support our self-belief that there is absolutely no reason why our body should over-react to the need to expel pollen and dust particles.
  • They work on the meridians and chakras within the aura that are adversely affected.
  • They help us to manage our lives better so we are less vulnerable to adverse reactions to pollens etc.

 The flower remedies used are Christ Thorn, Rock Rose, Bugloss, Bougainvillaea, Hibiscus, Spearmint, Morning Glory, Impatiens, Asphodel, Celandine, Passion Flower and Stinging Nettle. The seed essences are Fumatory, Shepherd's Purse and Sour Thistle.  They come in a spray, for external use, above the head, on the face and can be squirted in the mouth if desired.  The bottle contains spring water, 4 ½ %alcohol (vodka) acting as a preservative and the above mentioned remedies. All is totally natural and can do no harm. The remedies can be used alongside any form of medicine you may be using.

 Since flower and essences are totally benign there is no minimum or maximum to the amount of times you can use the spray. During the hay fever season use the bottle on a regular basis, at least 4 times a day. Simply spray the remedies above your head and let them descend into your aura. Always try and use the spray at the first signs of increased agitation.   You can spray directly onto the face as well as into the mouth, if desired.

 In cases of attacks it is important that you retire for a few minutes whilst working with the remedies. If possible lie down , spray yourself and take the drops. Feel the remedies at work in your aura, soothing and calming, balancing the water meridians, the chakras in the head, throat and chest. On returning to your activities go easy on yourself: don’t pressure yourself until the symptoms have cleared up.

 In all cases it is important that you fight your desire to sneeze, rub your nose or eyes or do anything that will aggravate your symptoms. Use the spray at this time to help quell these desires. Work with the flower remedies to relax yourself, spraying as often as required until your body calms down. Also be aware that there are many psychological factors that increase susceptibility to hay fever including stress and fatigue. You are more likely to suffer when tired or rushed off your feet. So when you are experiencing hay fever, go easy on yourself.

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