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aquarius flower remedies forum

The website now has a forum for questions, sharings and discussions. 


To get the ball rolling I've created the following five postings centered around the karmic flowers essences.

Immortality of the Soul?

Do you believe the soul to be an immortal part of our being, reincarnating perhaps a thousand times or more into physical form in order to learn enough from the experiences of life to achieve a state of enlightenment?

Karmic Relationships

Are the relationships we form in the physical world merely extentions of the same relationships we share with our soul family in the spirit world between incarnations?

Past Life Recall

I personally do not have any strong or vivid recollections of my previous lives. I do have faded memories, hinting at past lives. One is of a woman imprisoned for witchcraft and being raped in the prison. There is no trauma associated with this dull memory. Another memory is 'Crusader like' in nature, a feeling of being alive in armour with a red cross on my chest. I sense a strong connection with the Mediterranean Sea, its climate and the religious symbolism of that era. On another level of knowing I know I must have spent time in monastic settings just because of the person I am now and how I live my life.

Unfinished Business

Do you consider that you may have unfinished business in this life time that will be addressed and concluded in a future life?  Do you think you have encountered the unfinished business of a previous life in this life time?

Karmic Actions

Do you think that your actions in this life time will be carried by your soul to inform and shape its future lives?
If you would like to share your thoughts, ideas, doubts or experiences on these topics, or create your own topics for discussion, then following the link below.


Karmic Healing with Moonflowers May Workshop

The Karmic Healing with Moonflowers is running on the weekend of 16 and 17 May, here in Chudleigh, Devon.  There is still one place available.  

Full information on the workshop here

In the last newsletter I highlighted snowdrop, an iconic early spring flower.  Here is another very powerful, well known flower I have researched in some depth.

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