Simon writes:

Happy New Year!

Heidi and I have been hard at work extending the Seed Essence Repertory so that each seed essence now has one or more key words associated with it.   This extension to the repertory is already proving an interesting and valuable resource in our own practitioner work.

Seed Essences are made in exactly the same way as flower remedies but with the seeds rather than the flowers of the plant.  They are also used in exactly the same way as flower remedies, 4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water.

The numbers after the key words refers to the group(s) the seeds resonate most strongly with.  An understanding of the 7 Groups will help to deepen appreciation of the key words.

Learn more about the 7 Groups

Key Words and Group Alignments

Aquilegia stillness 3

Ash creativity 6

Blackthorn aspiration 6

Bugloss resilience 1

Buttercup respect 2

Carob maturing, growth 2, 6

Chilli clarity 6

Dandelion cosmic seed 7

Dock birth 5

Enchanter's Nightshade darkness 4

Euphorbia fear, inspiration 4, 6

Fig value, recovery, magic 2, 3, 4

Foxglove wisdom, hope/expectation 2, 4

Fumatory letting go, independence 3

Goat's Beard adjustment 5

Goose Grass protection, expectancy, direction 1, 4, 6

Gorse vigour 5

Groundsel maturity, growth 5, 6

Holly defenceinheritance 1, 2

Honesty security, relaxation, trust, cosmic seed 1, 3, 5, 7

Ivy-leafed Toadflax realisation, nurture 2, 5

Ivy fresh 5

Jerusalem Sage fullfillment, invention 3, 4

Laurel ancestral blessing 2

Mallow endurance, disconnect 1, 3

Marigold-pot memory, insemination 2, 4

Mexican Fleabane change, naivety, expansive 4, 5, 6

Mullein belief 6

Nigella agitation 3

Oat panic 3

Parichka youthfulness 5

Poppy strength, meaning 5, 6

Purple Loosestrife hidden 4

Red Campion stature 6

Red Clover planting 4

Red Valerian learning the lessons, safety 1, 2

Rose conviction 5

Rosemary persistence 1

Scabious unknown 4

Scarlet Pimpernel slowing down, beginnings 3, 5

Shepherd's Purse complexity 6

Sow Thistle rest/recuperation 3

Spear Thistle rejuvenation 5

Sunflower accessing the past, sleep 2, 3

Sweet Cicely transformation, creativity 4, 6

Tobacco-wild transition, promise 4, 6

Vine confidence, development 5, 6

White Clover calmness, death, expression 3, 4 ,6

Willowherb-pale fertile, destiny 5, 6

Wood Aven patience, salvation, freshness, purposeful, cosmic seed 1, 4 ,6, 7

 More detailed descriptions of all the seeds can be found on the website

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An interesting letter we recently received.

Simon, I don't mind you sharing my letter with our customers/clients/students.  I will be very interested  in any comments or insights that your students/clients may have that could be useful to me.

Dear Simon

Thank you so much for blending my chosen flower remedies for my chronic fatigue - which I have had for 40 years since I got German Measles and 'Flu together just after my Dad died when I was 17, which I consider the shock and grief as being the obvious trigger(and I also had Glandular 'Flu when I was 6.)

On the actual day I phoned you I had tripped over the pavement 'cos I was rushing to the Doctor's (funnily enough !)to get the results of my final blood test for under active thyroid/liver/vitamins/diabetes etc. which all proved to be functioning normally.

So I realised that because I am at my wit's end with it, hardly sleeping and very low, I would have to concentrate again on alternative help and phoned you as I had Full Moon inspiration about the blend I should be taking next.

I have been taking it for the last two weeks and in that time the following things have happened

An ex nurse, spiritual healer and crystal therapist friend, has given me some kelp tablets to boost my iodine.

A new neighbour has sorted their shed and given me two big bags of kindling (to get my fire started ?!)

My oldest friend, from when we worked together in a chemist when we were in our teens, has sent me two big pure white Swan's feathers ("coincidentally" from where I lived when my Dad died) for use in purification magic.

Another friend, who is a medium and counsellor,  is moving to Malta and can't take any cleaning products/foodstuffs/liquids/candles/homeopathy into the country so has given me a big box full of aromatherapy oils/herbal teas/incenses/flower remedies etc. which will all help heal me and to be very clean on all levels ! 

She also gave me an early Yule gift of a large pendant that i can hang in a tree of a hare jumping over the Moon which she said hoped would help me take a big leap forward.......which of course needs a huge amount of ENERGY.

My Doctor has suggested she refer me to the Chronic fatigue Clinic in Exeter where they can give me suggestions on how to manage my energy.

Also as I fell I banged my head and my knee, I had to REST for a few days and then my car started mis firing and stalling (no sparks of energy ?!) and I took the garage a week to find the problem ! Consequently I couldn't drive or walk far anyway because of my knee injury and not having a car.  So again I had to mainly stay at home and REST.

I know to a skeptic all these small events wouldn't mean anything but when looked at together I think they are hugely significant and show that the remedies are working away beneath the surface.  Also I do feel a bit better in my soul so I am sure they are working anyway.

I know you like to know what happens when people take your remedies so I just thought that I would send you this update for your interest and to say thank you for the added oomph that you gave my blend on the Full Moon.

I will contact you again when I need the next mixture............

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

With love and best wishes for 2016.

I have put this letter in the Forum where, if you log in, can post any comments or insights.  Follow the link below