A while back we were getting regular order for the Moon Flowers from a man in America.  Every month or so he would order a few more to add to his growing collection.  I was intrigued and googled his name to see if he was perhaps a therapist, buying the remedies for his clients.  What came up on the search was not a therapist but a musician, like myself playing sax but other instruments too.  

When his next order came through I emailed him, pointing out the musical connection between us and enquiring if he was also a therapist.  No, he was just buying them for himself and offered to write an article.  Here it is.  He asked to remain anonymous.

I’ve always been fascinated by the holistic path, probably because no matter how strong I make my body, chemicals often make me wither. Much of my life I’ve been challenged by irritating respiratory allergies, and every standard medication I’ve tried has made me feel worse. The drugs that might free me of the symptoms would also instill such an “off” feeling, I’d wish I’d only had the allergies. I’m a teacher and in the entertainment business, and feeling “off” is not an option. So for years I’ve lived in different environments, experimented with fasting, diet, herbs, supplements, bodywork, acupuncture, yoga and many kinds of exercise, all very helpful, but my most effective practice has been meditation. I became hooked by its deep peace and mental stillness that simultaneously expanded my awareness. For me this became my ultimate “on.”

I was now in touch with a greater reality than just my body, but my body’s allergic reaction became my guide showing me where and when I needed to grow. I’ve practiced a wide variety of meditation, usually with the goal to harmonize my energy in spite of the asthma, the stuffed sinuses, the coughing, etc. I’ve even practiced it with no ideas, no goals, just release.  But it was when my meditations led me to visceral memories I couldn’t have had in this lifetime, that I realized there was an undeniable source in past lives. These memories are flashes of emotion, quick scenes flooded with panic or frustration—and for a while, just sitting calmly with them was enough to release my symptoms and make me feel whole. But my life and probably most of our lives are a kind of school, and my allergies were not going to let me graduate yet. They roared back even with my new awareness, my higher consciousness. So I found an experienced past life hypnotist, and the same old emotional scenes emerged, now much more clearly. And once again my allergies diminished—for a while. They’re back again, and among my best tools are the Aquarius Moon Flower Remedies. I’ve purchased many of them, finding Simon’s descriptions for them truly accurate.

I suspect we live and reincarnate in a circular way, working through old and desperate patterns matched with utterly new challenges. I’ve found great comfort from Moon Snow for its ability to calm the old “panic,” from Lunar Ivy, to make clean what feels tainted, from Lunar Sweet Pea, to remind me “there is enough air,” from Lunar Snowdrop, to reassure me “my life is a precious opportunity.” I use several other moon remedies on occasion and have always found them helpful. Even the ones that don’t apply to me have been helpful. I think the reason for this is that each remedy wakes up the soul memory, and just that alone is enough to bring in a new, more awakened power, which helps me rise above things like allergies. The remedies are obviously made with loving care and great wisdom, and I hope my words will encourage others to drink in their peace.

Below are the descriptions of the Moon Flowers mentioned in this article