Simon writes:

In the wilds of Northumberland, where I lived for twenty years, stands a stone avenue, just to the north of a volcanic dolerite outcrop that snakes it way through the county called The Whin Sill.  Stone avenues are rare and this one, in the middle of a barren landscape, is surrounded by an earth ditch.  The site is about two acres in size.  It’s an ancient camp where the scattered peoples of the area would have met, perhaps twice a year, certainly at the full moon, to trade, share, exchange information, celebrate, mix their bloods….  They built the stone avenue as the focal point of the camp and would have used it for rituals centred around initiations into life, marriages and deaths.

I was reminded of this ancient and remote site after being at a modern day equivalent rainbow camp, sharing a field for ten days with some 500 people aged between 3 months and 82 years of age.  In this tented community the business of sharing skills and knowledge, making new friends, meeting old friends, filled the days and nights.  I worked on the camp, rather than buying a ticket, running workshops in geodesic domes on ‘Karmic Healing with the Moon Flowers’.   I also worked in the Healing Area, dowsing flower remedies for those who came for treatments. 

Living together communally meant that by the end of the camp a synchronicity had developed, we had become a tribe.  In the healing area I observed this process of increasing meaningful connections whilst dowsing remedies.  In one session, near the end of our time together, everyone I dowsed had one remedy in common: Moon Rush, the remedy to help us separate from commitments, vows or promises that were made to souls in previous lives but are no longer appropriate in the present incarnation.

One person had the Moon Rush remedy alongside Lunar Michaelmas Daisy.  Michaelmas Daisy is indicated when we are still fighting battles with individuals over power, possessions and control that have raged in previous lives.  She talked about the unfulfilling nature of an intimate relationship and I pointed out the message from the flowers; it is time to give this relationship up. 

Another had Moon Rush alongside Lunar Bindweed.  Bindweed is for a fear of death that has been carried through into the present incarnation from a highly traumatic past life experience.  This person talked about the death of their grand parents, some seven years earlier, who had brought the children up in the absence of parents.  I talked about karmic debt, where it is common for souls to take on reverse roles in subsequent life times in order to balance the karma.  The inclusion of Moon Rush suggested that there would be no need for the souls to do this in future lives; the karmic debt cycle could be finished in this lifetime. 

The next person I dowsed for had Moon Rush alongside Passion Flower essence, the Chakra Flower Essence for the heart chakra.  Often the karmic wounds highlighted by the Moon Flowers are held within the charkas or auric layers of the light body.  In this case I sensed a dark centre to their heart chakra from which threads were extending.  These threads were becoming twisted and caught up in the revolving chakra.  They needed to be cleared.  All who came for treatments left with a bottle containing various flower remedies that included Moon Rush.

In one of the many geodesic domes on site I conducted a workshop on Atlantean Karma.  I used a mixture of astrology and one of the Moon Flowers, Lunar Coltsfoot, to access the residue of consciousness the soul carries through from these most ancient of past lives.  Pluto is the indicator of an ancient past life that was so great, powerful and influential it is still relevant to the soul in the current incarnation.  I painted a simple picture for each of the participants of their Atlantean life using the Pluto configuration within their horoscope and then we all laid down and took the Lunar Coltsfoot to awaken these most distant of memories.  Some very powerful emotions came to the surface and there were tears and hugs in our circle.

I certainly didn’t spend all my time on camp working with the flower remedies and astrology; there was an abundance of stuff to get involved with and I did, especially with the music.  On one day I had three rehearsals and two performances.  Needless to say the next day I did very little.

A couple of days before we went to the camp my son came running in to say there was a video of me on the internet.  It turned out to be of the previous year’s camp, so I thought I would share it with you to give you a flavour of this type of experience (I’m the one on the flute).  You need to either click on the following link  or it may be hovering at the top of your Newsletter.  Its called Super Spirit Snippets



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Empty Mind


empty mind

This is a picture of Heidi in her Shiatsu tee shirt.  The meaning of the characters is Empty Mind and refers to the state of mind that is best suited when giving a Shiatsu treatment.  An empty mind is a mind that has no preconceptions about the person being treated, does not allow the therapist's own internal agenda to impinge upon the diagnosis and treatment and does not put any expectations upon the results that may or may not arise out of the treatment.

This empty state of mind is also the perfect mind set to adopt when dowsing for flower remedies.  Sometimes I will know a little or perhaps even alot about the individual I'm dowsing for but it is important that I keep this knowing and busy part of my mind out of the dowsing.  Keeping an empty mind allows only the subtle tensions in the muscles to influence the pendulum.  After the dowsing I can then add further remedies using the repertory, if it seems appropriate.