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3 New Remedies Made this Spring
Lunar Wood Anenome
Lunar Wood Anenome is for souls, who in a previous life, have suffered greatly when one or more of the basic physical structures that supported their lives broke down.  Such souls could have suffered from lack of food or home or other circumstances that led to a debilitating lack of security.  
The loss may have occurred through a collective disaster such as famine, racial/religious persecution, forced exile or war (see also Lunar Hawksbeard).  However, the disaster could equally have been a personal affair caused by such things as loss of health or other tragic personal circumstances that led to the breakdown of the structures that support life.  Lunar Wood Anenome also works within family karma, such as the ruin of the self or the family through unwise behaviour or tragic circumstances or the loss of someone close who supported the structures that provided the security in which life could thrive and prosper.   There are many stories with their variants that could lead the soul to suffer in a the way which would suggest the use of this flower remedy.
Wood Anenome was created immediately prior to and during the first colonisations of the continent of Atlantis from Lemuria.  A key quality that was so very important during this stage of humanity’s evolution was adjusting to transition because although the aspiration and preparation to move to Atlantis took many thousands of years, it still was a highly stressful event.  Wood Anenome was one of the plants that emerged to soothe this painful process.

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Oak Bud
Oak Bud brings a healing quality to the process of transition.  Use this remedy when there is need for adjustment, adaptation, change and alteration.  It is particularly useful when metamorphosis is involved.  Oak Bud works at the potential stress point where one cycle ends and another begins, helping to ease the passage between the old and the new. 
Some suggested uses for Oak Bud.
for tapping our inner strength when life becomes polarised.
for finding the light in the darkness.
to remove the old wood and let the new through.
for shock.
at the end of one cycle and beginning of the next – renewal, regeneration, transformation, transcendence.
when there is nothing in the all or all is in the nothing.
This remedy was made at Chudleigh by the boiling method at 2.05 pm on the 13th. April 2019.

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Lunar Euphorbia
Lunar Euphorbia is for souls who have lived a previous life where they were in a constant state of vulnerability.  They were most likely exposed to attack for a prolonged period of time, either physical or emotional, and the trauma still resides in the light body.  Such souls, in a previous life, would have lacked protection and support and would have been constantly fearful, apprehensive, anxious, unable to relax, never feeling safe, threatened by others, unable to trust others.
Lunar Euphorbia works with the dysfunctional patterns carried by the soul that have their roots in social connections.  This flower remedy can be used when the trauma has been created by animosity and the hatred of others.  The wounds that past life social criticism, discrimination, stigmatisation and the consequential experiencing of maltreatment will respond to this remedy.
Lunar Euphorbia can be used specifically for past life agoraphobia.   
Whilst we inhabited Lemuria our bodies gradually materialised.  Euphorbia was created when the need arose to make subtle adjustments to our spiritual development.   Euphorbia reminded us of the sanctity of home, the eternally safe place we were leaving.

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Background to the Making of these 3 Spring Remedies

I’ve startedwriting this as the night of Holy Thursday slips into Good Friday under a full moon.  Down in the quarry, a couple of minutes walk from here, I am making Lunar Euphorbia.  On a rock sits a bowl of water with the flowers of the Euphorbia that grows so profusely in our garden.  It is one of the three remedies I have been making this spring inspired by Heidi.
Last spring I was unable to go for walks in Nature without Heidi by my side.  I put her in the ground wearing her walking boots but she just came back out striding through the flora.  Everywhere I looked I sensed her: the trees, the flowers, the rivers, the walks we had done, the Earth; it was just too painful to go out and connect with Nature.
However, this spring I found myself picking wild garlic in the woods and realised I was able to reconnect once more.  So I walked and Heidi was at my side, holding my hand as much as she could in her ethereal form.  Later, when I reflected upon her presence by my side, my mind rested upon the image on the front of Gurudas’ book, the image I have shared with you in the previous newsletter.

I became aware of her behind me and I turned to see the wood anenomes growing on a bank and thought it would be a beautiful remedy to capture under moonlight.  In fact as the thought became more manifest I could not understand why I hadn’t made it into a Moon Flower before; it seemed a perfect candidate.  And it was.  I had to wait a few days for the Moon to wax to full but then went back to the same spot in the woods soon after the Sun had set, when the light was dipsy.  I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find enough flowers in the gloom, especially as they had only just started to flower.  However, they shone out through the darkness and the few days wait proved perfect as enough had indeed come into flower to be able to make a remedy. 
As I picked the flowers and placed them in the bowl of water someone fired a gun in the near distance.  There was another shot and then another and I thought perhaps I should wait until they had finished killing whatever they were hunting.  The shooting carried on so I did too, not allowing it to become a distraction.  However, I became acutely aware of the shooting once more when it increased to such an extent that it sounded like there were several people shooting guns.  At this point I had covered the bowl of water in flowers but the shooting continued to intensify until reached a crescendo sounding like a firework display.  Then it suddenly stopped.  How bizarre!
I always note the time of making in order to draw up a horoscope of the birth of the remedy when I return home and wait three hours for the remedy to cook.  I was particularly interested to see how the martial planet Mars would weave into the fabric of the horoscope, as it was so prominent in the woods at the time of making.
This is a horoscope drawn up for the making of a Moon Flower, so the Moon is a dominant feature.  You can see the way the Moon ☾ links up with Mars ♂ and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction   forming the blue-lined equilateral triangle at the centre, a dominant feature of the horoscope.  The full moon indicator in the horoscope is the red line extending from the Moon, directly across the centre, to the Sun ☉, in conjunction with Chiron, the planet of the Wounded Healer (symbolised by the key) and all this on the equinox line, the line that splits the zodiac in two. 
Another of the apexes in the triangle, the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, has the red line of opposition running up to the Moon’s north node , which is very important in the context of a Moon Flower.  In fact, if you look closely at the centre circle you can pick out 4 sides of a blue-lined hexagram taking in all the planets I have mentioned.  This is a stunningly beautiful, symmetrical and intense horoscope.

A little while later I went to take a photo of the wood anenomes but got distracted and ended coming back home with springs of oak buds to boil, as Dr. Bach had done when he made his Chestnut Bud.  They had come from a single very mature stand-alone oak in the middle of a field.  There was a fissure in the trunk, running to the ground.  I could put my hand into the tree and follow its curve around, explore deeper in the oak than my eyes could go.  I pulled out a large piece of rotten wood and rapidly stepped back when it gave off alarming amounts of dust.  I examined it closely once the wind had blown the rot away.  Such an intimate and interesting image of a tree decaying and I thought how much Heidi would have been fascinated by it as a work of art. 
I broke off some budding twigs from low hanging branches and started to give some serious thought to the uses of Oak Bud remedy.  I walked around the oak.  On one side the oak was majestic, cathedral like, while on the other there was this deep, dark gapping wound.  I was drawn one more to the oak’s interior but this time I had the sprigs in my hand, so I placed them inside; put the new life into the old life.
The making of Lunar Wood Anenome had been such a perfect experience that I wanted to repeat it at the next full moon.  As I was walking down to the woods to look for another flower, I came to the realisation that I hadn’t given any thought to where I was to search, returning to the same spot Heidi had shown me the wood anenome had been instinctive.  When I got there and looked I had to go and find a log to sit on, I was stunned.  Amongst the rich variety of flowers I came across two small sprigs of euphorbia. 
Last year Heidi manifested through a profusion of euphorbia that grew in our front garden.  Euphorbia aligns with the ray of the moon, the mother.  It was Heidi staying close.  For me, euphorbia has become a symbol of Heidi and so to see it, not in our garden but at this spot in the woods caused me to sit down.  I could see no more than the two small sprigs but decided to use the flowers in our garden to make Lunar Euphorbia.

Forthcoming Workshops
Karmic Healing Weekend Workshops

Devon  Saturday 8th. and Sunday 9th. June 2019
Northumberland    Saturday 15th. and Sunday 16th. June 2019
We all possess deep wounds within our soul, carried across from previous lives.
These wounds help shape considerably our personality and fate.
However, the events of previous lives that created these dysfunctional patterns are not remembered on a conscious, or in many cases, subconscious level.
Could a recollection of past life actions, mistakes or trauma help us to understand better the foundations upon which our current life is formed?
This workshop combines teachings from the Ancient Wisdom, Astrology and the Moon Flowers to open your perception to your past lives and the karma that has been carried through to the present incarnation.
During the weekend the following topics will be covered:
Using the Moon Flowers as a door to access the past.
  • An Astrological perspective on karma
  • Shedding light on some of the karmic influences of your own horoscope.
  • Exploring some of the repertory of the Moon Flowers
  • Crystal meditations into the past
  • Exploring our own karmic pain
  • Philosophical chats about the soul, karma and reincarnation
The Moon Flowers will be available to freely work with over the weekend and can be purchased at our discounted student rate.
The cost of the weekends is £110 (vegetarian lunches included at our home in Devon).
Northumberland Bookings and enquires to Phillippa 01434 607288 
Devon Bookings and inquires to Simon 01626 854289.

Flower Essence Workshop: Healing the Chakras
Held in Northumberland at Dilston Physic Garden
Saturday 31st August 2019 10am – 2pm (half day course)
As the natural water extractions of flowers, flower essences are taken internally to help rebalance body, mind, emotions and spirit. On this practical workshop learn how to make your own flower essence, connect with the nature devas and explore the healing effect of flower essences, focusing on the chakras. Phillippa Lee is a flower essence and energy therapist. £45 including drinks & cake and a flower essence to take away. To book contact Phillippa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Phillippa
I work as a flower essence practitioner and healer – for some of the time. In my other life I am a glass artist. I tend to sell my pieces on chakra workshops and in galleries and shops. I love to work with the chakra colours and also to make images that have a mystical or natural feel about them. I also make and sell jewelry.

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