The vast majority of our work here at Aquarius, as a flower essence practitioners and producers, is done at distance. The requests for individual remedies come over the phone or via email. Some of the telephone voices are well known to me as I have been sending them remedies for many years but rarely do I get to put a face to their voices, see where they live or understand them beyond the confines of what they disclose. We send the remedies out to the wholefood and health food shops we supply, they are put on the shelves, their customers buy them and yet we know nothing about these people we are helping through our combinations.

Imagine my pleasure therefore when, at a wedding I recently attended as a muscian the bride turned out to have bought one of our combination bottles.

This was the first time I had come face to face with one of our customers in a social situation. We were standing in her kitchen the morning after, cups of tea in hand. Kids were buzzing around and the early birds were stirring for breakfast. The person who had been asleep on the setee had given up and looked as if she was slightly regtetting the final glasses of wine she had drunk around the bonfire in the small hours.

The newly wed, still in her dressing gown, wanted my contact details to keep in touch. I told her to google Aquarius Flower Remedies and contact me through the website.

"Oh," she exclaimed. "So your the Aquarius man. I have one of your remedies."

"Which one?" An unusual spontaneous chance to conduct some market research was presenting itself. She went to her pantry, came back and handed me a bottle of our AntiStress. "Have you found it useful?" I enquired.

"I haven't used it yet. I haven't had time."

I laughed and placed it one the shelf next to the teas. "Keep it here. Everytime you see it you'll be reminded to take it."

She went on to tell me how flower remedies had an immediate and powerful effect upon her. The previous day she had been given regular doses of Elm from the Bach repertory. Elm is for those who are feeling temporarily overwhelmed. My mind immediately recalled her sitting next to her husband to be during their beautiful indian style wedding ceremony, surrounded by 250 people, tears streaming down her face.

The talk turned to different forms of treatment and others chipped in with what worked and didn't work for them and their family members. I told them about the teenage son of one of our band members who had just informed me before our turn on stage that his troubled son changed completely after taking just one drop of the remedy I had recently sent.  Such dramatic results are not that uncommon.  I went on to tell them of the only piece of market research Aquarius Flower Remedies has ever conducted.  It was in the days when we sent the newsletter out through the postal system.  We had included a single question questionaire: 'How effective have you found found flower remedies to be?' 1- not effective at all up to 5 - very effective.  I decided to add 0 - negative or side effect,s and at the other end of the spectrum, 6 - miraculous.  Of those that responded no one had circled the zero while one third had circled the 6.  Flower remedies do not work for everyone, no form of medicine does.  However if you do respond to these gentle and magical essences of nature I would consider you to be one of the lucky ones.

I took my leave early on the Sunday morning as I had a three hour drive back home where I had left my two unattended teenages with strict instructions not to have a party in the absence of both parents.  My son had said that if they did manage to burn the house down he would sweep the chard remains into the greenhouse so I wouldn't notice.  So kind!

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