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 Simon France says 

Welcome to Aquarius Flower Remedies

Many people are aware of the original Bach flower remedies created by Dr Edward Bach, especially his rescue remedy, but may be unaware of the development of these natural remedies into the many healing flower essence combinations that has occurred since.

We hope you will explore our site and discover some wonderful new healing flower remedies, seed essences, and flower oils all created with love and care.

Take a moment to see the care with which we create our essences and know that the same good faith and energy is inherent in every flower remedy we produce.

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 Aquarius Flower Remedies has been in the business of making, researching and distributing natural remedies since the summer solstice of 1994.

Founded by Simon France and Phillippa Lee in the beautiful but sparsely populated North Tyne Valley of Northumberland. Now based in Devon.

Our flower essences are made in both the north and south of Britain but we also solarise flower essences in the mountains and along the shores surrounding the Mediterranean.

Increasingly we are making natural remedies from all over the continent of Europe. We try to produce a broad range of natural remedies to suit the needs of as many as possible.natural healing flower remedies made with conscious intent

We are continually developing and improving our product range which is both exciting and hard work. We are very fortunate to be able to feel fulfilled by our work with the healing forces of nature, and are inspired and motivated by our deep sense of love and respect for the power that issues forth from the remedies.

You will find flower and seed essence reference material in our repertory, and many publications to assist your understanding of the spirituality that accompanies these natural healing remedies.

Flowers are freely available to all so we claim no exclusive rights to any of the flower essences described on this site; anyone can make them. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.